Monday, 2 April 2018

What A Busy Week!

We had such a busy time in Holy Week and the days before it. The opportunity of a few days break at Cornerstones now, and time to see all the family, is a real blessing.
On March 24th, I went with Liz and Rosie to see my Auntie Peggy in Romford. Mum's sister, she hasn't met Rosie before- the oldest and youngest members of the family finally got together, 87 years apart in age.
Peggy born 1920s, Ang and cousin Gill 1950s, Liz 1980s
and Rosie born 2016. I drove back Saturday evening.

We began Palm Sunday by meeting up outside St Mary's with our Anglican friends, and Grace the donkey- and we walked to the precinct where singing Palm Sunday Hymns.
I left my friends , who were returning to churches in Ferndown, and drove over to Wimborne URC where I was leading worship and preaching. 
They have a cross in the garden at the front. As I arrived, the Church Secretary was putting birdseed on the arms of the cross- "We get loads of robins" he said. I remembered the old legend which says a robin plucked a thorn from Jesus' brow, as the Saviour carried his cross to Calvary, and the drop of blood fell on the robin's breast staining it forever red. I don't go in for that sort of sentimentality, but  I am glad that in this bad weather, they care enough to feed the birds.
The weekend was tinged with sadness, as the son of some friends died suddenly, just before his 22nd birthday - many people in our church have known this lad since childhood. 
Monday we went off to visit Jim, our lovely 91 year old neighbour, just out of hospital and currently enjoying respite care in a local home. He's having a great time, and told us all about the activities in the communal lounge, and the fantastic menu choices on offer. I am really glad to know he is being well looked after.
Tuesday was another busy day - which I will not detail here- but instead of a day off exploring, it was spent in sorting admin issues. Wednesday involved a laundry mountain [I binge watched some early ER, George Clooney looks about 21]
Thursday I collected dry cleaning, served at the OAP Lunch Club, and in the evening we had celebrated Tenebrae, the Service of Shadows.
I always find this deeply moving - readers come in turn to read the story of Jesus' arrest and crucifixion. After each reading, they extinguish one candle, and say "The light dims" and the congregation responds "the darkness deepens" By the end, there is only solitary candle, the Christ-light, still illuminated, and worshippers leave the Chapel in silence.
Our Good Friday service was rather different this year. Our friend Cornelius  wrote a play some years ago [look at the donkey collage, he is in the centre of the bottom left picture, his wife Luise has a bright blue bag] 
The play was called "I wish I'd been there" and portrayed how the ordinary people in Jerusalem viewed the days before Jesus' arrest and death - the raising of Lazarus, the triumphant entry into Jerusalem etc.
The cast put so much work into preparing. The scenery was simple but effective- a well, and a brazier. My 'Get in the Picture' costumes were useful. Bob was Titus, the Greek merchant, resplendent in his copper coloured robes. Steve and Alison [husband and wife in reality as well as in the play] were wonderful Jewish peasant - and delivered their lines with strong Dorset accents! Janet by the well, and Ali by the brazier, were thoughtful Jewish women, not afraid to speak their minds. Cornelius, Luise and Lynn were villagers, and Neil and Betty did the contemporary links. It was good to see around 60 people in the audience on such a cold wet evening. Well done, everyone! 
Easter Sunday - starting with celebration at 8.15, breakfast at church, all age service [Bob preaching, and I'll be making woolly lambs and doing the adventure trail with children] then straight off to Norfolk. Meal with all the family.

I hope you have had a truly blessed Easter Weekend, however you have been spending it.


  1. Who said preachers/vicars only work on Sundays! :-)
    Enjoy wet and grey Norfolk - I expect it's wet and grey as it certainly is here in Suffolk

  2. VERY wet here this morning. But I am with my family and so I don't care!

  3. Have a lovely relaxing time now after all that busy-ness.


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