Sunday, 8 April 2018

Low Sunday

After the excitement and joy of last weekend, the Church Calendar designates today as Low Sunday. Being a Nonconformist, I am not sure I fully understand why we might be low. But there has to be more to it than just all the chocolate eggs having been eaten
I suppose that I could list all the possible reasons why I might feel low today...

  1. Liz, Jon and Rosie are going back to London, and I'm not sure when we will all be together again. Skype is useful - but doesn't compare to proper hugs, and face-to-face conversations.
  2. Our car outside is on its last legs wheels and really needs to go to the breakers - but as all our documentation is in Dorset, we first have to get it [and ourselves] back there somehow.
  3. We will be returning this week to some sad situations, including the funeral of a young man who died suddenly just days before his 22nd birthday. 
Reason 3 is the hardest - and puts the less serious reasons 1 & 2 into perspective. The grieving family posted an amazing message on Facebook
"This has left a devastating hole in our family....As Christians we have the hope and knowledge that one day we will see [our son] again and that for him today he is in paradise and no longer suffering. We know this as even on the cross Jesus turned to a man dying with him who acknowledged Him and said that 'today you will be with me in paradise'. On [his] birthday [we]wanted to share this with you... Although we feel broken we have a hope and a future and remember the amazing person he was and all the amazing times we had with him."

May God bless and comfort all who are feeling low today, for whatever reason.
...and may He give the rest of us the wisdom and grace to be loving and supportive friends to those in need.

If my blog word for 2018 is 'more' then today let it be about more compassion, more understanding, and more love


  1. I think it is supposed to be because of the contrast with the importance of Easter Sunday - what Aged Parent calls "having an anti-climax". I cannot imagine what your friends are going through. As you say - perspective. Praying for comfort and a sense of security on shifting sands

  2. My deepest sympathies to the family who lost their young loved one.

  3. No justice when parents lose their precious children.

  4. As already hinted at, and setting aside the beauty of the Holy Week services, the Easter Triduum services culminating in the Easter Vigil is an intense spiritual experience and today, the second Sunday of Easter, is in marked contrast. In fact, in the RC Church, Low Sunday has been redesignated Devine Mercy. The reason for this seems a little convoluted but it does have a more positive connotation. And it resonates with the comments of those bereaved parents.

  5. Thanks for this info, Philip. I must check out this RC redesignation.

  6. I'm hoping both you and the car get home safely.

  7. I was surprised at how today's service still referred to and celebrated Easter and the hymns were truly uplifting so it didn't feel like a "low" Sunday to me.
    Sorry for the family who have lost a son much too soon. Here in Canada it seems as though the whole country is in mourning at the moment. There was a terrible accident a couple of days ago out in Saskatchewan between a bus carrying a young hockey team and a transport truck. The truck driver survived but 15 onboard the bus were killed and the remaining 14 are badly injured - and there may be more deaths to come. The team members were mostly in the 16 - 20 age so there are many grieving families at the moment. And of course the bus driver, coach and the team broadcaster were the adults killed and also leave grieving families. It is a very sad time - a vigil is planned for tonight and will be covered on TV. It just seems so much worse when it's a young person who dies much too soon. You always wonder what might have been. I hope your friends are able to get through this terrible time.

  8. Marie, thank you for your comment. The Canadian crash has brought 'unimaginable sorrow' as one of your politicians has said, and clearly affected the nation. Whether it is the death of one lad, known just to a few - or of many, in an accident which makes headlines across the world - the loss of a bright young life is so sad. Praying for those who mourn, that somewhere in all this, they can find Easter hope


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