Tuesday, 24 April 2018

That Makes My Skin Itch!

Family conversation on What'sApp...
Steph and Gary posted a picture of two glasses of honeymoon champagne.
Liz posted a picture of her office desk, saying "Not jealous at all". 
Bob commented on her computer "Mildly envious.
Jon then posted a picture of his desk, "Liz's is tidier than mine". 
I posted a picture of my desk, adding "And mine!" 
Liz said "That makes my skin itch!"
Here is my dreadfully untidy desk
There really wasn't much workspace, I must admit. But on Friday, I got up early, and prepared for the Supply Agency to ring. For the third day in a row, no call...[well, it was only the 4th day of the new term] So I set to, determined to sort things out.
Doesn't that look better? Everything is just where I can reach it. I hope Liz's skin will stopped itching now.
I have also dealt with a whole load of obsolete filing - much shredding of agendas and minutes etc. The recycling bin will be very full on Wednesday.
I re-discovered my packet of WW2 postcards which I bought in IWM North last August. I've stuck them along the shelf temporarily - but I shall probably send them to people in a while.
Bob didn't post a picture of his desks in the family conversation [he has two- one at home and one in his church office]
But I'd already taken one of him working earlier in the week.
I am not surprised that his desk is tidy, but how come he manages to get a rainbow too?


  1. I must say that your previously untidy desk is an incongruent setting for your rather stylish new fountain pen.

  2. I think the comment from Liz plus the acquisition of the pen were the catalysts for change! I'm determined to keep it tidier in future

  3. Nice to see your desk arranged in a proper manner.
    I too surprised to see a rainbow on his desk. it is really a magic:)

  4. I occasionally do a really brilliant tidy-up like that - the next problem is keeping it like that

  5. My desk at school is disgusting! I may send you a pic of it to make you feel better about how yours was!


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