Monday, 28 May 2018

A Clever Twist!

I love any craft ideas which is amazingly simple, but has a clever twist which produces a surprising outcome.
Like knitting the Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise Jacket. One ball of yarn, one circular needle producing one weirdly shaped piece of fabric. And an ingenious method of assembly produces a cute little jacket. I've made a number of these now, and I'm in awe of the woman who wrote the brilliant pattern.

Watch this very brief clip showing how it works.
I've just found anothersimilarly ingenious craft idea, this time for a greetings card. It's called the 'hypercard' and is a variation of an old magician's trick. Basically you make 3 cuts in a simple rectangle of card and fold it with a twist. I showed Bob, and we agreed it was one of those 'how does that work?' Look...

I watched a few YouTube clips of what people describe as "The Impossible Card" and experimented with a piece of paper, then made a card for Liz's birthday. Personally, I do not like over-embellished cards- but the design of this one gives the option of decorating the front and back - and it folds flat to go in the envelope.
I added fancy papers to decorate the base, and a couple of strips of card across the gaps to add stability.
...and into the envelope
Happy birthday, Liz


  1. I like that! I own that butterfly punch too and it has had so many uses! It made all the confetti for our wedding tables AND name place cards!

  2. Oh, I do like that card trick! I am going to try making one, myself! Thank you for the link.

    The baby jacket looks intriguing. I am tempted to try that, too, but I am not good with knitting on a circular needle! Any circular knitting I do has to be with double pointed needles!

  3. Just wanted to let you know that I made the card and posted a link to your blog post in my post, today.


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