Thursday, 24 May 2018

Throwaway Lines

I am trying really hard to declutter in a purposeful way.When we were doing garden work last Tuesday, we decided that the compost bin lurking under the shrubs in the corner is of no use to us whatsoever. So we cleaned it up and put it on the drive "Compost bin FREE" says the sign. It's still there- I do hope it gets taken soon. I offered it to one neighbour [thank you, we have three already] and to another [I have to confess to you, Ang, that when you were out at church, we carried it into our garden, realised there was nowhere we could put it, so we returned it to your drive..."] recycle
I needed a new clip frame [large 60x80] as someone has just given us a lovely poster. Driving past one afternoon, I spotted one at the bottom of the road - our neighbour down there is clearing his garage and has a constantly changing 'Free, help yourself' heap on his lawn. 

I walked down and collected it, to reuse with my poster - deciding that I would probably put the existing picture inside in the recycling bin. But then I discovered it was a jigsaw puzzle.
I know that another young neighbour likes doing puzzles with her Gran. So I took a photo of the picture before I dismantled the puzzle. I printed off the photo, and tucked that, plus the pieces, in a recycled biscuit tin, and delivered it immediately. She was very grateful. regift
Then, whilst rifling through the odd jewellery bits, I found a silk pocket square. I am not sure how Bob acquired this, there's no matching tie anywhere. He has never used it. But I know my SIL Gary occasionally pops one in his suit when he's attending a wedding**, and he and Steph have a few friends getting hitched this summer. So that's gone off to him. I ignored the Dry Clean Only label, and handwashed it first. WARNING - the colour didn't just run, it GALLOPED. So don't chuck one of these in with a general wash or everything will be pink. regift

There is still a box in the spare bedroom being gradually filled with stuff for the CS. But sometimes, it feels good to be able to pass something on directly to the person who can reuse it.
**no they didn't go to that wedding on Saturday, as they were busy preparing for the Great Manchester Run on Sunday. I am very proud of them for their commitment and achievement.


  1. Excellent ways of recycling/reusing/regifting! I hope you find a taker for the compost bin! I'd have taken it, myself, if I lived closer! Always wanted one!

  2. Angela, we need to do more of this. Cheers from carole's Chatter

  3. With regifting you are certain that it's going to a good home. No way can charities sell everything they receive and while some clothing can go for recycling, most bric a brac can't.


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