Thursday, 31 May 2018

Happy And Helpful

Twenty four hours looking after Rosie is both delightful and exhausting! She is a cheerful little bundle of fun, but boy, does she keep us on our toes! 
We collected her from Liz and Jon at 1.45 and went into Costessey for the Bank Holiday  "Fete and Fayre." It was very well organised- parking was £2 per car for the whole day, and entrance was free. There was plenty to see and do. Older children and adults could go on the rides, or watch the show. Rosie wan't too sure about those things - but she loved meeting the owl. 
South Norfolk Council had good stall, with a huge deckchair, where you could be photographed for a donation to charity. She liked being up there with Grandad Bob.
The Norfolk Star Wars Group were all in costume, and again, for a small donation, you could be pictured with an Ewok or two.
Grandma was very pleased to find the church tent, run by the good folk of "Our Lady & St Wulstan's Roman Catholic Church" in Costessey. St W was bishop of Worcester in 1062, and is the patron saint of vegetarians and dieters. 
More relevant to us was the provision of lots of free craft activities. These paper plates could be decorated, and then you could flip up the frog/star/unicorn etc, to make a sort of hat/tiara. Rosie enjoyed that.
Inside the community centre were teams serving cups of tea and coffee for 50p, also icecream sundaes and mega sized cookies. I liked the fact it was clearly a community event. Plenty of local groups and charities on display - and not too much stress on making money.
We had our teas, and Rosie munched on treats from the snack box her Mum had given us. The Under 5s play Area at the edge of the field was open and we did lots of climbing and sliding and cheering. At one point, my little cherub went over to a small boy who was standing by himself "Hello little boy, how are you today? Are you feeling happy?" she asked him, and patted his arm. His mother and I were totally gobsmacked by this unexpected chat up line! He smiled and the spun the wheel on the pirate ship together.
Off to The Range to buy weedkiller for the garden path...and a special treat because it was so hot.

These two both take their ices very seriously!
Rosie had Nursery Teddy with her all weekend. Jon instructed us to take plenty of pictures. I confess to being a little paranoid about these 'have the class toy for the weekend' experiences. As a teacher I understand the benefits in terms of language development, being responsible, etc etc - as the temporary guardian of the child and the bear I am terrified! What if we lose the thing? what if it falls into some terrible staining puddle? what if a passing dog savages it to pieces? [and yes, I have known Barnaby Bear and his extended family to suffer all these perils and more].
I have done Supply in schools, where a child has brought in the bear and announced "We flew Barnaby to Disneyland for the weekend" or "I took Mr Bear to Lapland to meet Santa". We did our best, but Costessey Fete isn't quite in the same league!
Rosie slept beautifully in her cot, and on Tuesday morning, we took her to Cornerstones.
Then, whilst Bob dealt with weeds, I indulged in teaching Rosie about sewing. We measured the bear, made a paper pattern, cut out the pieces, and sewed a little teeshirt, decorated with a pink star...

This was fantastic fun, and I was pleased with the result, as was Rosie. We also learned to sing "One, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive"
Next time Rosie comes, perhaps I should initiate her in the mysteries of using an overlocker, and wrestle with some Pythagorean Triples...
But she is so happy, and ever eager to be helpful. 
On Tuesday evening, we left Norfolk and drove back down the A11. We diverted into Newmarket to get an evening meal. It had been sunny all day and we were both in shorts. By 6pm it was decidedly chilly. We both decided to change for dinner.
We parked outside the famous Jockey Club. There is a lovely statue of the racehorse Hyperion in the forecourt.  I know very little about the JC, but Dick Francis Novels lead me to believe that it is full of snooty upper class gentlemen. Bob was rather surprised when I stood on the pavement beside the car and stepped out of my shorts and slipped into my trousers. I pointed out that my tee shirt was long, my pants were respectable, and it took less than half a minute [as compared to his ungainly wriggling as he changed in the driver's seat]
Our meal in the White Hart was well cooked, with good sized portions, and a reasonable price. We were home to Dorset by 10.30. Two lovely days - but exhausting!


  1. Having the class hamster for half term was my worst week!
    Lovely photos and loved Rosies chat up line - brilliant.

  2. My daughter paid £35.00 for a craft stall at Costessey and sold absolutely nothing. Lots of people around and obviously you had a lovely time with Rosie.

  3. £35 is a lot of money. I'm really sorry to hear she didn't sell anything That's very frustrating - it takes time and effort to get ready, and you hope to at least cover costs.

  4. One of my sisters had to babysit the class duckling over a long weekend - I'm still surprised that it survived!
    Lovely photos and you all obviously had a lovely time.

  5. What a lovely little helper! So friendly, too! My daughter brought home the child care center's two hens for the weekend, once! The class had hatched and raised them from baby chicks. The hens had a lovely time scratching around my backyard!

  6. Oh bless Rosie! What a gregarious little girl! She will go far!
    I like the idea of the bear but I do find it takes a chunk out of the day to hear what the bear has been doing!


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