Friday, 11 May 2018

Utterly Decluttered

I've been very busy decluttering. No, not for myself, but for my neighbour. Jim is a delightful gentleman, and will be 92 next month. He's decided that it is the right time to sell his house and move into a care home. But he has been in his home for over 40 years. 
To go from a 3-bedroomed detached property into one room [with en suite] is quite a change. It's 20 years since his wife died, and she was a great collector of china and glassware. I have helped Jim clear the cupboards and boxed it all up for the local charity shops.
But much of the stuff we have found has no purpose anymore. The recycling bin was filled with old cards and papers. A small selection of clothes set aside for the home - and 10 good quality suits to the CS. Jim's been very generous, offering his friends any items that they might find useful, and he is glad that charities will benefit from the donations. "I don't need it, it can go!" has been his mantra all week. 
The glasses and China have all been through my dishwasher, and I've sat with the Brasso whilst watching TV. It isn't fair to take dirty/dusty items into the CS. 
Bob is hoping this attitude may rub off on me." I see Jim has a mug like ours" he remarked, pointing to one of the boxes. "That is ours" I said "I have donated that one from my cupboard, but replaced it with one of Jim's!"

Some CS have parking - others you need to borrow a trolley! These items will be sold to bless the sick, the elderly, the disabled and the hungry.
I cannot deny the sense of satisfaction when the cupboards were clear, and the car full of donations. I need to start following Jim's example and Let It Go! 
I shall really miss having him next door, but I am so glad he has found a beautiful new home. It is only a mile up the road, so I can visit him often. I wish him every happiness in the days ahead. 


  1. Beautiful collection of glass items. It is a nice idea to take care of our life during the old age...

  2. What care you have taken in helping your neighbour prepare for the next stage of his life. Hooe he will be happy in his new home and it’s lovely that he will still see you often.

  3. I admire Jim's decision to go into a home. It's such a big decision to make at any age and I wonder about his family. I know a 95 year old lady who still lives in her own home but stuggles. She will not leave and go into a home and her family a spread far and wide. However she does have many friends and the help from social services.

  4. I am glad that Jim has had you as a good friend to help out! Chris would like me to do something similar!x


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