Saturday, 19 May 2018

A Right Royal Soap Opera

I'm rather old-fashioned, I like 'real' soap. Most of my family prefer a pump dispense with the liquid stuff in it. That's fine, I have those by the sinks for them to use. But honestly I prefer the 'hard stuff'! But bars of soap need a dish, so they can drain and dry properly. 
Our little downstairs loo in the Manse has a minuscule basin [set surprisingly low on the wall - fine for me, not terribly comfortable for taller folk]
There's a little place on the edge of the basin just big enough for a miniature 'hotel/guest soap' but nowhere for the liquid soap to stand. Bob's fitted a neat glass shelf. My soap dispenser stands there, tidily.
Then I saw a rather grubby soap dish for 50p in a CS. A bit of 'Royal' china which is actually useful! My DIL gave me a lovely egg-shaped cake of soap which fits beautifully.
Only after I cleaned up the dish and put it into the cloakroom, did I research the Buckingham Palace online gift shop...

Style your bathroom with chinaware and bathing essentials inspired by objects and works of art on display at official royal residences. Made entirely by hand by our skilled artisans in Stoke-on-Trent using traditional methods unchanged for over 250 years, using English fine bone china, highly regarded around the world for its whiteness, fineness and delicacy. Finished with 22 carat gold. £29.00 [P&P £4.95]

Before you ask, no I will not be spending a further £40 to acquire the matching hand towel and toothbrush mug.
I pray that Harry and Meghan, plus their families and friends, have a truly happy day - and a strong and lasting marriage. I admire these young people for inviting their 'special people', and not the 'State Officials' to the event, and even more, for their decision to ask for financial gifts to charity and not wedding gifts for themselves. I hope that this raises a significant amount to help others.


  1. I like proper soap as well, although find it doesn't 'last' like it used to, and seems to go soggy or squishy more quickly, if that makes sense? Love your bargain soap dish.

  2. I use a bar of soap in the tub since it's just me but the liquid soap at the sink since guests also use it.
    Loved the wedding - got up at 4am to watch.

  3. I'm a soap fan too. I bought soap dishes for our two upstairs bathrooms and the kitchen sink. The downstairs loo has a tiny edge for a soap and lotion dispenser I was given as a gift. CBC adores it so it is hard to ween him off it.


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