Thursday, 3 May 2018


When one has had a busy day, sometimes the urge to stay in bed the next morning is very hard to resist. 
One morning last week, Liz said "Rosie, it's time to get up"
To which she, very politely, replied "No thank you Mummy!"
I am impressed by such politeness in one so young.
I have just discovered some new words, which definitely fit this situation
dysania - extreme difficulty in getting out of bed,
and clinomania  - an overwhelming desire to stay there.
Fortunately the fatigue I was feeling on Sunday has worn off now. 
I think if I had Rudolph Reindeer pyjamas like Rosie, I might be reluctant to get up and get dressed too. Her hand is ok, she's just clutching a black teeshirt, the Rosie-equivalent of a security blanket.


  1. Clingomania sounds more appropriate! I can identify with her. Sooo tired! I didn't wake up till 10:45 yesterday (we had a polling day!)x

  2. What a polite little girl! But one who knows what she wants, too! There are so many mornings when I feel like saying, "No, thank you" when the alarm goes off!


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