Saturday, 5 May 2018

Krusty Comments

The thing about making sandwiches for loads of people is that you end up with loads of crusts - 30 to be exact.
These were basic Lidl loaves, so not exactly the most flavoursome bread, and also they varied in thickness, depending where the loaf was positioned in the slicing machine.
But I could not waste them!
This is what I did with the leftovers...
Sunday - 4 crusts became the basis for a bread and butter pudding
Monday - 4 crusts were toasted and topped with baked beans
Tuesday - the rest were made into breadcrumbs. One quarter fresh breadcrumbs in the fridge, the remainder toasted and cooled, then put into airtight jars. Some of these were used in a dessert on Tuesday evening - tossed in a little butter and brown sugar, and layered with fruit and yogurt.
I like to keep the toasted crumbs less finely processed, so they add a bit of texture.
Good uses for breadcrumbs

  • Toasted, pan fried with sugar, in desserts.
  • Toasted, mixed with a few dried herbs and seasonings, used as a salad topping
  • fresh in Queen of Puddings
  • fresh in HFW's marmalade pudding
  • sprinkled into home made soups as a thickener
  • coating for home made fishcakes 
  • to add an extra crunchy topping to macaroni cheese or cottage pie
  • to pad out homemade meatballs or burgers
Krusty, Krumby, Krispy or Krunchy...but please don't waste your crust!
PS - my Mum always said if I ate my crusts I'd get curly hair. You have no idea how many crusts I ate in my childhood in the hopes this might be true.Were you bribed in similar ways?


  1. Someone told me that. I had very curly hair and was desperate for it to be straight (why do we want the opposite of what we have?! 😃) Also I refused to eat crusts!

  2. Where I grew up, we called it the heel of the loaf as you get crust all round each slice : ) For me, the heel is the best bit of the loaf and I love a nice thick heel toasted for my breakfast, or toasted with a bowl of homemade soup for my lunch. There never seems to be glut of heels in our house for there to be a need to find things to do to use them up.

  3. You made very good use of your bread ends!

  4. I've always enjoyed eating the crusts!!!!


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