Tuesday, 29 May 2018


On those morning when I wait in vain for a call from the Supply Teaching Agency, I try had to be positive and apply Jenny's Rule. Recently I announced to Bob that if no work came on the Friday, I intended to set up the sewing machine. He was due to be out all day Saturday, so that meant I could take over the Dining Room.  I had great fun completing a little project that I've been planning for a few weeks. I cannot show you yet, but here's a teaser collage
I've been enjoying the craft books I borrowed from Wimborne Library - but I am not sure if I shall be creating any of the projects. 
Here's a quick round up...
Celebrate with a Stitch by Mandy Shaw was great fun. Well written, with really helpful sections on stitching and techniques. Under the headings bunting, new baby, wedding, Birthdays, Christmas, celebration quilt, and pennants there are around two dozen ideas for projects- quick-and-easy, and slow-and-special - for diverse events. I loved the 'seven more sleeps' wall hanging, where teddy moves into a different bed every night, until the doors open to reveal a birthday party. The felt crowns and tiaras were good too. You could make one for the Birthday Prince/Princess - or maybe one for every party guest. A great addition to any dressing-up box.
The templates are clear, and the ideas are adaptable.
Complete Leatherwork by Katherine Pogson. This is a well photographed book, and full of careful instructions for the 20+ projects inside. But It is soon clear that you need some specialist tools, and beautiful. but expensive hides, to create the projects [labelled easy, intermediate, advanced] The templates all need to be enlarged [some by up to 800%] I shall leave the single race grooving tools, and the lacing nippers, to other crafters! *** 
Origami Jewellery by Ayako Brodek. Now this was fun! I know this because I sat up in bed, ripped a page from my notebook, reduced it to a square of paper and starting folding a rabbit! Kezzie-I think you should check this one out- I can see you producing butterfly and frog brooches by the dozen! Old sheet music would make lovely fan brooches and angel pins. Fiddly but fun [and the materials are inexpensive]*****
Noah's Ark by Anne-Pia Godske Rasmussen  [I didn't realise it was yet another Scandi author till I got home] APGR is Danish and has designed a whole raft of crafts based around Noah and his floating menagerie*. Appliqué, patchwork, quilting and embroidery are used to create soft toys, wall-hangings, cushions, coasters and more. A quarter of the crafts are picnic items [blanket, sunhat, bottle bag etc] and have no obvious link to Mr & Mrs Noah, and the last two things in the book are a recipe for olive buns, and instructions for folding a simple paper boat.  The animals mostly have long spindly legs reminiscent of Tilda creations, or they are flat square cushions with attached feet and faces. 
The foreword explains that "APGR is Danish, and some designs include Danish words. These can be replaced with whatever words you choose. We hope this will not affect your enjoyment" No indeed, I greatly enjoyed checking out er i haven kommer straks- it means are you coming immediately. But why would I embroider that on a pair of ducks? I worked out noasark without the help of Google Translate! A fun book to read, clear instructions and good templates- but nothing that tempted me to get out my sewing machine ***
*perhaps there is actually a Danish word for this - arkraft ?


  1. I'm not a "crafty" person but all of this looks like a lot of projects to keep you busy - whichever you decide to do!

  2. Haha, I should let you know that I am abysmal when it comes to following Origami instructions. CBC bought me an Origami book and I just couldn't understand how to follow certain instructions. I fare better when it comes to following YouTube instructions! I like the sound of that first book.

    Can't WAIT to see what you made for the project!


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