Wednesday, 12 December 2018

All This And Change From A Tenner!

I try not to splash out on lots of Christmas kitsch. We have collected plenty of decorations in our 40 festive seasons together. But I do like to have a 'new' jigsaw to assemble during our post-Christmas break. I'd seen this Waterloo Station puzzle in a CS last summer, but didn't buy it. Then I saw it in the window of "Dorset Blind Association" shop one evening. I went back the next day after work and happily handed over £3.50. On my way back to the car, I dropped into the Cancer Research Shop. I was utterly smitten with the jug of white twigs and baubles. I asked my friend Sylvie who works there if the price tag was correct. She said that they'd had a load of baubles donated, so the shop stylist had prepared a number of 'arrangements', which were selling well at a just fiver each. My last Christmas buy was a ££1 book to read to Rosie. I made a little Mrs Pepperpot 4 years ago [ See here] I shall take the book and Mrs P to Norfolk with me in two week's time, along with the jigsaw. The jug will remain on the dining table here, just in case a photographer from Country Living Magazine calls by...
I think I've got my money's worth here. Have you bagged any CS Christmas bargains? 


  1. I can highly recommend the jigsaw having first encountered it in a holiday house. Enjoyed doing it so much we have our own now. Thanks for the dessert tip you shared. Lemon tart topped with fresh fruit went down well at Bible study lunch on Monday!

  2. You did well!! I like all your choices.

  3. I had the Waterloo Station one a couple of years ago - also from charity shop - it was a really good puzzle to do . The roof is the most difficult - enjoy!

  4. You always find the most wonderful items in your charity shops!


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