Thursday, 27 December 2018

Is There A Doctor In The House?

Somebody in my family is becoming very fond of Dressing Up. This is Story Time at the Tate Modern last week.
I'd already planned to make Rosie a couple of Christmas gifts - but finally got round to completing everything on Saturday. A chef's outfit. I made an apron and chef's hat, and added a mixing bowl and  plastic cutlery. Bob kindly contributed a mini rolling pin, which he had turned on the lathe.
In the autumn, I found a lovely vintage medical kit in a tin. SO cute- all made of wood- a syringe [the plunger is spring loaded] a bottle of iodine, a pill bottle, a thermometer and a string stethoscope.
I found an old bolster case in the stash - lovely quality fabric, fastened with a row of buttons. Using a vintage pj pattern I made a doctor's coat. Being lazy, I cut it so that I could use the button bands and save myself a lot of work!
When I made the king's crown recently, I cut it very carefully, and had a second one all ready to decorate. Rosie's Crown
Finally- and this is not a dressing up item - but just another quick sewing project. I found a Peppa Pig snakes&ladders game going for a song in a CS because the box was really damaged. It is on a large 80x80cm plastic sheet, with big counters and a die. I made a drawstring bag, plus a smaller one to hold the playing pieces.

It took me ages to recreate the label on my embroidery machine! But the  game looks good now and the pieces are contained tidily
I've done lots of sewing for other people's children recently, and loved it- but making something for my own grandchild is really special.
Our journey to Norfolk on Christmas Day was the fastest ever - very little traffic. We arrived at 4pm. Rosie loved her presents - and spent a lot of time making us all better, giving injections, dispensing medicines, and checking our temperatures and heartbeats. 


  1. Those outfits are gorgeous. What a lucky little girl Rosie is to have outfits made by her grandma and a rolling pin turned by Grandad. Fantastic idea to use the PJ pattern as a doctor's coat. the Peppa Pig looks better than the original would have done when new.

  2. I love the doctor's coat and Rosie is obviously thrilled with it!
    Using the bands from the bolster case was sheer brilliance not laziness. Well done.
    I hope the happiness so evident in your photos ran through the whole of your Christmas and will continue through next year for you all. Sue

  3. Super! Are you guiding her choices of career options??

  4. I suspect that this young lady will have her own ideas about careers! But there's no harm in giving her ideas!

  5. I love the dress up clothes you made! Doctor Rosie sounds like a really good doctor, making sure that everyone one was feeling well!


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