Saturday, 15 December 2018

Reality Check

I don't do Reality TV. I know too much about the editing process, and that what the viewer sees on the screen has been cut and trimmed and reorganised to make 'good television', so probably isn't quite an accurate portrayal of what happened. Furthermore, watching 'celebs' living in the jungle, in close proximity to a group of people they barely know, whilst eating bizarre foods and having a camera crew and a medical team just a few feet away at all times....what kind of 'reality' is that?
So then I turn to another channel, and there find a very gifted chap who's wrapping profiteroles [those lovely chocolate topped, cream filled choux pastry buns] in marzipan. Then he is colouring them green and purple and dusting the crevices with icing sugar - and making a plate of very convincing looking 'figs'. [you can do it as well if you have time and money to spare] Why??!! A plate of real figs would make a great dessert, as would a dish of unadulterated profiteroles. Stop messing about with your food, Kirstie [oops, I'm sounding like my Mum]
And as for the news channels - the last few weeks seem to be utter chaos and I am not sure who is telling the truth anymore. So much 'Oh no it isn't...oh yes it is...' that Parliament seems sadly more like a Pantomime than a group of intelligent people who are meant to be doing their best to serve the nation and run the country.
Two weeks ago I was talking with a lady who is a very good friend of Sandra Redknapp [They live not far from here] She said that after more than 50 years of marriage, when you are used to speaking to someone everyday in person or on the phone, Mrs R was finding the separation from her husband really difficult. Harry was crowned King of the Jungle, and the cameras were there to film his reunion with his wife.
Pictures showing his overwhelming joy, and the love in his eyes were sent round the world. A man who was tough enough to stand three weeks of revolting food, and difficult living conditions, was not afraid to weep tears of relief as he held his beloved Sandra in his arms again.
Now that is the reality I can go along with.
Total unconditional life-affirming love for the person who shares your life, and undisguised happiness at being part of the family again.
I believe the Christmas message, Immanuel - God with us, is the realisation that it is a jungle out there, but Jesus came to invite us to come back to the love and joy found in being part of his family.

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  1. Great post! I agree, nothing real about reality tv and don't even get me started on American news -- it has gotten ridiculous. You and I have the same idea of what is real -- love is real, family is real, Jesus is real and I am so thankful for that.


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