Monday, 24 December 2018

Heiligabend Bescherung

To which one feels the answer should be 'Gesundheit!". In fact this German phrase simply means "Christmas Eve Gifts" It is the tradition of opening your Christmas Gifts on the Eve of the day itself. The Queen [who is, after all from German stock] follows this tradition with her family.
Her Majesty arrived in Norfolk on Thursday night. She took the train to Kings Lynn and then travelled the 30 minute car journey out to her country estate. I thoroughly approve of the fact that she always takes a regular commuter train - the Royals have one coach reserved for their entourage, the rest of the train is full of ordinary passengers. 
Do you think HM has a Seniors Railcard? She looks like any great-granny off to spend Christmas with the family, doesn't she? Tomorrow morning she will attend St Mary's Church as is her regular custom. Her Norfolk holiday will extend to early February.
This granny will exchange gifts with her husband tonight - after our Christmas Eve Communion Service. [This year it#'s being held early evening, and will be a quiet, reflective service- particularly for those who are finding Christmas this year difficult for some reason]
Then Christmas Morning Service in our church here in Dorset followed by the long journey to Norfolk [by car] In the late afternoon, we will share a meal with Liz, Jon and Rosie - and exchange family gifts.  We're really looking forward to our week's holiday at Cornerstones. 
I do hope you will be able to be with those you love at some point during this Christmas season. When will you exchange your gifts?


  1. My mother was Swiss (German speaking or Deutscher-Swiss) and we followed the same tradition of opening a present at our Christmas Eve meal and then later went to Midnight Mass. This is our first Christmas as a family of ten siblings without her. We had our annual gathering last wekend, also in Norfolk. Enjoy your time together.

    1. The first Christmas is always the hardest, full of bittersweet memories. But I'm glad you and your siblings could be together. Enjoy the rest of the season!

  2. Wishing you a lovely family Christmas Angela.

  3. I imagine your Christmas will be quieter than ours - but may it be a time of love and joy for you all x

  4. Safe journey home and Happy Christmas. We stayed at Sandringham in our caravan for Christmas a couple of times and went to see the Royals arrive at the church. I was pleased to see how smiley they all were, when no doubt they were thinking 'oh no, here we go again, paste the smile on' - it made my day.

  5. Happy Christmas Angela and Bob have a lovely time and a special time at Norfolk.
    Hazel c uk

  6. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


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