Wednesday, 5 December 2018

The Pastor's Wife Is NOT A Drug Dealer!

Anybody looking into the back of my car this week might be surprised by the stranger white packets lurking in the footwell behind the driver's seat.
I have to admit that they do look suspiciously like those packets of drugs sometimes seen on crime dramas!
But bear with me, I have a genuine explanation.
This is not cocaine, it is cat litter [so if you are a narcotics agent, please don't try tasting it ]
A year ago I had a nasty RTA causing major damage to the driver's side of the car- wing, two doors and door pillar all needing repair.
In the Spring, I came to the car one day and found the back footwell full of water. As Bob had been the last person to drive it, I wondered if somehow he had accidentally left a window open - but no, all were shut firmly.
We mopped it and dried it...and found that there was damage to the rubber doorseal. It was too long after the accident to claim anything, so we had the seal replaced at our own expense.
But in the recent heavy rain, it has started leaking again [even though the seal is new] This is apparently a well-known fault with Toyotas. But my car is 10 yrs old and well outside warranty. 
I purchased a car cover from Argos and put that over every night. That sort of worked, but 

  •  it was no fun to remove in the morning when I was going out, it was like changing a very damp bedsheet.
  • over half term it blew off, into a neighbour's front garden. They kindly retrieved it for us - so I gave up with it after that.

So this is my inexpensive temporary solution  - I have made little bags with nappy liners, and filled them with cat litter. These absorb any water that leaks through, and are easy to deal with. And the cat litter contains a deodoriser, so the carpet doesn't smell of 'wet dog'!
But I admit, it does look like suspicious cargo!


  1. I have to say that if you were stopped your explanation might come across as a little far fetched. I’ll keep my eye on the Dorset news.

  2. I can't work out how to link on my tablet, but do Google "Mary Berry airport"😊 you'd be in good company!

  3. Now I know what to do if ever my car door leaks (I, too, drive a Toyota!)

  4. This is very innovative of you!!


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