Saturday, 22 December 2018

I Wanted To Make History...

..but I ended up making costumes!
I'm not complaining really, I love sewing costumes, especially for children - and I'm glad that schools still act out the Nativity Story at Christmas. It is truly a privilege to be part of that with them. But I have some other sewing tasks I wanted to have completed before Tuesday. Maybe I shall fit them in today. Meanwhile I leave you with a favourite poem by Peter Dixon.

This year...
This year can I be Herod?
This year, can I be him?
A wise man
Or a Joseph?
An inn man
Or a king?

This year...
Can I be famous?
This year, can I be best?
Bear a crown of silver
And wear a golden vest?

This year...
Can I be starlight?
This year, can I stand out?

...feel the swish of curtains
and hear the front row shout
'Hurrah' for good old Ronny
he brings a gift of gold
head afire with tinsel
'The Greatest Story Told...'
'Hurrah for good old Herod!'
and shepherds from afar.

Don't make me a palm tree
And can I be
a Star?

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