Friday, 21 December 2018

Buffet, Blanket Stitch, ZigZag And Angels

What a mixed week it has been thus far. On Monday evening we hosted our annual Christmas Open House at The Manse- and over 30 friends aged 5 months to 90+ dropped in to visit! Thursday we had a Carol Service at or Lunch Club.

 On Tuesday, I realised my blue blanket had a hole in it. [To be honest I think this blanket really belongs to one of the girls, I seem to remember it being bought in their teens when they both had futons.] I dug out my Clare Youngs Scandinavian Needlework book, and made a feature of the hole, by copying one of the flower motifs.
I've been wrapping presents- and this year have tried to use up all the odd half rolls of paper and bits and pieces I have already. I've sewn up lots of gift bags on my machine. I use a wide zigzag stitch [straight stitch is prone to tearing] to make a tube, the fold and flatten the bottom. For odd shaped presents this gives a neater package than trying to secure the paper with yards of sellotape.
If you look closely at the photo [top left] you'll see the sewing machine needle is red. I've put a splash of nail varnish on the shaft to mark this out as my "paper sewing needle". This sort of sewing blunts the point, so it makes sense to keep a special needle for the purpose. [I keep the regular needle tucked in the second spool to remind me to put it back before I pack up the sewing machine]

I've also made gift tags from last year's cards, using my tag punch, which will make a choice of three widths of tag - I get a lot of use from this one.
The cone of red string on the left was purchased in a charity shop in Bexleyheath about 30 years ago for pennies- and I am still using it!

Last week's distribution of angels has been really well received in the community - and we have invited people who found angels to bring them to the Candlelight Carols, where they will receive a little gift.. I've prepared these- putting the contents into an envelope and stapling the top. It didn't take long to decorate the envelopes with inkpads and stamps, and to staple diecut angels to the top. Let us hope lots of people respond.
Just a few more home-made gifts which need finishing off, and a cake to ice. Plus the children's teaching materials to prepare for the next two Sundays. That's all the Christmas jobs I have left [I think] Plus this morning teaching in school, laundry to sort  - and clothes to pack for Norfolk...and that's it.[Other than the usual quotidien activities like meals and blogging] Any jobs I haven't done by Monday evening will just have to wait till next year!


  1. I'm not the only one who has school today then! I'm just on my way home now, feeling incredibly guilty that the secretary is still there doing the Newsletter because I sent it to her last minute and her computer had a glitch where it wouldn't copy and paste.
    I like the decorative blanket mending and your red thread has served you well!Xx

    1. Kezzie - I hope you and your family have a good Christmas break. Fulltime teachers really need the rest!

  2. Well done on all your activity. You work so hard to make Christmas good for all around you. Have a lovely time.

  3. What a wonderful idea to sew your gift bags! I need to learn how to do that!


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