Monday, 7 January 2019

Almonds And Walnuts

I just cannot believe I have never tried this one before. I'm ridiculously pleased with the discovery, so here's a useful tip to share.
Bob wants to sell a pair of very large speakers and replace them with some smaller ones. So he prepared to take a photo- and discovered a row of nasty scratches where one had been bumping against the rough brick edge of the fireplace.

"Walnuts!" I said - "all the old books say you can repair scratches on wood if you rub them with a walnut." I had to admit I'd never tried it, but I did have some walnuts in a jar in the pantry. I bit one in half and rubbed it over the scratches.With instant, superb results!

I cannot believe how effective it is - the scuffs and scratches disappeared like magic. Those are genuine photographs. My first Top Tip of 2019. Now let us hope Bob can find a buyer quickly.


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