Wednesday, 16 January 2019

Picture Perfect

It is sometimes hard to find the right gifts for people. I knew my aunt and my cousin liked seeing photos of the family, especially as we are unable to visit them very often. I found a 'snow globe' and a 'photocube' and used them to display some favourite photos from 2018.
You remove the central section of the globe and slip in two pictures back to back, then replace it, and shake the snowstorm.
I put Steph and Bob at her wedding in April on one side, and Liz with me at the Trump Protest in the summer. 

In the cube went three recent Rosie pictures. This is a very clever mirrored device, which holds three photos in place with a magnetic catch - and you get different images depending on which face you look at. It is heavy acrylic, with a solid feel to it [not like those lightweight 6-picture ones] It proved almost impossible to photograph the cube. I did try!

It was good to find small, personalised, easy-to-post gifts which have brought a smile to the faces of the recipients.


  1. Those are very nice gift ideas, Angela. I'm sure your aunt and cousin enjoyed them. One year, one of my cousins gave me a picture frame that said "Cousins" and, in it, she had put a photo of several of us cousins, taken at a gathering. I display it in my family room. I thought that was a lovely gift.

    1. Having a loving family is a wonderful thing, something to be truly grateful for.


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