Wednesday, 30 January 2019

It's A Shoe-In

I checked out this phrase, it was originally shoo-in - when a corrupt jockey held back his horse, to shoo another one ahead of him to win the race. Nowadays it just means an easy win and there's no suggestion of dishonesty. But it is frequently misspelt shoe-in.
I keep my shoes in the ottoman in the bedroom. But it's become untidy of late, and I developed a lazy habit of dropping shoes into a purple trug in front of the wardrobe instead of putting them away properly. A footwear audit was necessary.
I emptied all my shoes and vacuumed the storage unit. Then sorted three heaps. OK shoes, Shoes-that-need-attention, Shoes-to-go. "Attention" was either cleaning, stretching or heeling. 
Sadly the to-go box were all signicantly beyond repair, not fit for the CS. 

I did remove a couple of sweet buckles, but binned the other shoes. I was rather sad that when I tried to polish my ancient ankle boots [pre 2005] the "leather" disintegrated. Reluctantly they too were discarded. 
One success story was the shoe stretching. I bought my kit in Poole recently. It worked far better than I could have hoped. Some leather sandals and black stilettos now fit much more comfortably. The nifty little screw devices are easy to operate, and the results were impressive. I was careful not to overstretch, so did the sandals in two stages. 
I think I'm getting my money's worth with this little kit  Very pleased that my ottoman is tidy now. Two pairs have yet to have new heels but otherwise everything is polished and ready-to-wear. Best foot forward... 


  1. Glad you were able to organise them. I confess that my shoes aren't particularly neat-some live on the shoe bench in the hall, some in boxes and an old suitcase in the bedroom and the rest live in the cupboard under the stairs, none too neatly.x

  2. That is a nice way to organize your shoes! I keep some of my shoes on the floor of my closet and the rest in the family room! There is a shelving unit for them, but, more often than not, they are on the floor!


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