Friday, 4 January 2019

Projects, Pirates And Puzzle Pieces

I borrowed 3 craft books from the library last week. First up, two by "The Crafty Minx" aka Kelly Doust who is a young Australian writer.
There are loads of projects in these two books. Nothing particularly new, but I did appreciate her carefully written instructions, and little tips and suggestions.
The first book is divided into seasons, and covers all sorts of crafts. 
The second book was less good - mostly projects for children, rather than ideas you could create wit them. And generally a bit twee. But both books were well illustrated and interesting to skim through ****
The title "Pirates and Pompoms - how to make children's toys and costumes" caught my eye. This was a clever book and teeming with fresh ideas. There are three main sections - Circuses, Pirates and Animals. Well written instructions and clear illustrations. 

I thought the project to make a pirate's hook was well thought out and not too dangerous!
The circus section was equally innovative. 
The animal section included patterns to create animal costumes simply. When I did animals for the school play, I put ears on the hoods, and made simple masks. This book suggests making a mask - and then adding fur ears, paws and tail. 
The clever bit is that you sew the ears onto an existing woolly hat, the paws are created by sewing a strip of fur onto the back of some mittens, and the tail ties round the waist.
Very uncomplicated, but so effective! *****
Yes, I thought this was a good selection.
I was annoyed with myself for leaving my new jigsaw at home, but borrowed a 500 piece puzzle.
The Vintage Library by Ravensberger was enjoyable, but I completed it in just one evening. 
Some of the books in the picture were classics I know and love, others were titles I've never heard of. But it was good to be able to borrow a jigsaw as well as the books. 


  1. That is great that you borrowed a jigsaw! I love the sound of the Pirates and pompoms book!!x

  2. I wonder if any of our libraries have jigsaw puzzles to lend! What a great idea!


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