Monday, 14 January 2019

Two TimesTable

Having finished my stint of teaching, I am off to stay with Steph and Gary in Manchester for a few days. I've only stayed overnight with them a couple of times, and I confess to having a little grumble about their lack of bedside tables. It's cos I'm old you see, and also my arms are short [in keeping with the rest of my frame] . I need to be able to put my watch and spectacles and drink of water close to hand, I don't like having them way down on the carpet.
Then in the autumn, I found a pair for £5 in a charity shop. Retro Habitat nesting tables, in need of some TLC. They were grubby, dry and dull, and a bit scratched- but structurally sound. I used the walnut trick on the scratches, and my salad dressing solution all over. Here's a picture from halfway through the process- you can see how the wood on the left already looks brighter and 'revived'

Here's before and after pictures
I'm really pleased that they are restored to their original golden sheen, and the marks and scratched on the top have almost disappeared completely.
My only issue now is how I will negotiate transporting a small suitcase and a pair of tables to Manchester via the railways [including a change of trains at Bristol] At least I will have somewhere to park my glasses tonight. I'll finish by sharing my favourite Table Joke [courtesy Lenny Henry]
"Occasional tables - what are they doing the rest of the time?" "They're dining or nesting...."


  1. You have made a lovely couple of tables. I hope you managed to transport the tables alright.
    Hazel c uk.

  2. Don' they look different! I wonder if it would work on a slightly stained wood kitchen counter?

    1. It might be worth trying. You do need to use the superfine steel wool. If I were nearer I'd pop over and have a go at your counter myself! It's a very satisfying activity.

  3. I couldn't believe it when I went to work this morning and there was a hugh dish of walnuts sitting on the worktop!I think it was a sign from you, Angela. Anyway, I used the walnut trick on an antique table that had been water-damaged and it worked a treat. My boss was highly impressed and of course, I totally accredited the hint and tip to you!!I didn't need to use steel wool or the mixture of meths and oil, I just rubbed the walnut all over the table then buffed off. It's a miracle, I tell you!

    1. I am so glad it worked for you too. It does seem impossible but it really works!


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