Wednesday 9 January 2019

Loving Those Leftovers!

We didn't have a turkey on Christmas Day this year. But we are very grateful to Jon and Liz for the delicious roast beef dinner and those splendid Yorkshire Puds - and the Boxing Day feast which Bob and Liz put together with the remaining beef.  We continued to have meals during the remainder of the week which produced leftovers. I have enjoyed using up the food in creative ways.
The chicken and ham went into a batch of pies - I'd bought some frozen pastry in November, when it was on offer.
The end of the loaf formed the basis of a Queen of Puddings - but with cranberry sauce in place of jam. 
And the mince pies became Poor Man's Panforte. That's been portioned into elegant triangles, and frozen for special teatime treats.

I had a glut of carrots, so I've made a huge quantity of carrot soup [don't tell Bob, I sneaked in a couple of leftover parsnips] which has gone into the freezer for comforting lunches on cold days...
Leftover cream has been whipped and frozen, and the unopened box of fancy biscuits will remain unopened for a while [I hope] until other goodies have been finished up.
As you will see, I am not participating in Veganuary, or A Post-Christmas diet. These leftovers will form perfectly good meals, and my food-focus is definitely on more economy, less waste.
I have just borrowed this book from the library. I'll let you know how I get on with the ideas in it!
Do you have a favourite Christmas Leftovers Recipe?


  1. My stepmum makes a delicious Turkey and leek pie on the 27/28th every year with the leftovers and it is super tasty! I would always boil up the turkey carcass to make turkey and veg soup but the last time I made it at my in-laws' house, nobody wanted to eat I'm afraid. They, as a household, were/are terrible at using leftovers and so much gets binned because too much is bought! Your using up is excellent!x

  2. Oh I didn't know about that book but you really don't need it Angela. You're doing fine already!Happy New Year to you.

  3. I don't really have a Christmas leftovers recipe, but, leftover turkey from Thanksgiving is often made into turkey pot pies and I add the cranberry sauce to muffin batter. I don't think I've ever had Queen of Puddings, but now I want to try making one!


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