Thursday, 24 January 2019

Ten Years On

Have you come across this Ten Year Challenge thing? You're supposed to post pictures of yourself now, and ten years ago. Steph put this one on Instagram - she doesn't appear to have changed much [apart from the eyebrows]
I found one of Liz taken at Christmas 2008, and another from last summer. Considering she now has a very energetic toddler to cope with, and is always so busy, I think she still looks amazing too.

I managed to find the original picture of Bob, having breakfast in Kirby Muxloe- with my red French china, and the Bonne Maman tablecloth. We repeat this every couple of months or so. I think he looks better now than he did then! Both he and Liz have changed their glasses- but kept to very similar frames.
And now you are wondering where my photo is. Sorry to disappoint you, I just cannot find any photographs of myself in 2008/9. Back then I took all the photos from behind my camera, so no selfies. I will try and find a couple of old/new pictures to post sometime... 


  1. They haven't changed much. I look much more haggard now!

  2. You are right - your daughters and your husband haven't changed much! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos of you. I bet you haven't changed much, either!

  3. That is a nice idea to show photos with a 10 year difference.


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