Friday, 4 October 2019

100 Not Out!

This is Mary - the oldest member of our fellowship. She is one amazing lady. Two weeks ago she celebrated her 100th birthday. If you thought Bob and I overdid it this summer, with all our Ruby Wedding Fun, well, we have nothing on this lady! She had a party at the residential home where she lives, along with her 'housemates' another family party, at the home of her son Steve [one of our deacons] and finally a big party for all her friends at the church. 
Steve and his wife Carole kindly invited us to the party at their house, and then last Sunday to the party at church.
Mary is very fond of Bob, and was eager to show him all the cards.
[I decided I would make one which was straight to the point - name, age, and a smart little bird]
Of course, it is obligatory on such occasions for an Royal acknowledgement
In case you are wondering, the blue card is from Thérèse Coffey. No, I didn't know who she was and had to look her up too! She became Secretary of State for Work and Pensions less than a fortnight before Mary's birthday - so she sent Mary a birthday telegram.
She was not invited to any of Mary's parties though.
There was yet another cake at the church tea party [you cannot see the purple "100" candle, it is camouflaged by the icing]

Mary is getting very good at blowing out the candles.
Marys DIL Carole wanted to find a special birthday gift.

She decided to make a quilt - to brighten up Mary's bed in the home. But life was very busy and we were well into September before the project got started. So she asked for a little help. It was a lot of fun - I taught Carole the strip-and-flip technique which we used to do with the Teenagers at the Sewing Club back in Kirby Muxloe.
It is easy, speedy and produces a great result - even if you are not a particularly practised needleworker.
Here is the quilt- on the left, part of the top section on my ironing board, on the right, the finished item draped over my sofa.
Carole wanted the quilt labelled, so I produced a postcard sized piece of embroidery on my machine, and that was stitched up in the corner. No chance of another resident 'borrowing' it by mistake!
Mary was thrilled with it and it adorns her bed now.
But she brought it to the party to show to her friends, and Bob held it up for people to see. 
Happy birthday Mary! Your face radiates love and joy, and your strong faith and determined attitude are an example to us all. You are very proud of your large family - and they are equally proud of you. It is a privilege to know you, and to be able to share in the centenary celebrations.


  1. How lovely to be a part of this super lady's celebration! The quilt is really gorgeous and your card is really nice being personalized.

    1. I made the letters with my WeRMemoryKeepers Alphabet punch

  2. How wonderful and what a happy lady.
    The quilt is beautiful.
    (I knew who Dr Therese Coffey was as she's MP where we used to live for ages now - never seen her)

    1. I vaguely knew she was from East Anglia, but didn't realise she'd taken over from Amber Rudd as S of S

  3. Happy birthday to Mary! I'm glad she was able to celebrate such a special birthday. That is a lovely quilt!

    1. Thank you Bless - if you'd lived nearer, I'd have called you round to help us complete it on time!

  4. What a lovely looking lady! Quilt is lovely and that cake looks amazing! Congratulations to Mary.


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