Friday, 25 October 2019

Making Good Habits

The Good Book says in Proverbs 22 - "Train up a child in the way she should go, and when she is older,she will not depart from it" and this is wise advice. Good habits, learned young, usually stick with us throughout life. I hope my Mum would be pleased that I still brush my teeth morning and evening, write thank-you letters promptly, and say 'thank you' to the driver when I get off the bus. 
They say it takes just 21 days to form a habit. I'm not convinced- I accept that repetition helps. Certainly many friends who have done month-long challenges giving up booze, or sugar, or doing a specific daily challenge, say that by the end, 'it had become a habit'.
But it doesn't take much of a slip to 'fall off the wagon' either. "Old habits die hard" is certainly very true [especially when it comes to decluttering. A lifetime of "I'll keep it, just in case" is hard to change]
In "The Message" version, that verse says "Point your kids in the right direction, and when they're old, they won't be lost" I quite like that translation. Well done Liz, who has been taking Rosie to swimming lessons all week. That is teaching her a skill for life.
I too have been making good habits - 6 sets of monk's robes for the school production!
Once we get back from our half term break, I've got Robin Hood & co to equip in Lincoln Green and all the rest of the cast to sort out.
On the subject of Monks- have you been watching The Name of The Rose [BBC4 this evening]? We think it's an excellent production.
Even if you don't watch the programme, do at least watch the opening credits, which are absolutely wonderful.


  1. It seems to me that I find it easier to pick up bad habits than good habits! I wonder why that is?

  2. I've READ Name of the Rose which was excellent! MUst watch this!


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