Saturday, 19 October 2019

Wizard In Oz!

Something is happening in Australia this weekend and it's absolutely wizard - they're having a Garage Sale. But not just any old Garage Sale- this is a National Event! 400,000 people participating, at over 24, 000 venues, with more than 5 million items on sale!
What a brilliant idea- across the nation, folk are invited to set up a garage sale in their yard - and they can register to be on The Trail. I enjoy the little Norfolk "Village Yard Sale Days" each summer, but this is truly mega.
"Put Secondhand First" is the mantra, and there is a helpful website for anyone who wishes to take part.
Declutter your home
Most of us have too much stuff, and it is a good idea to re-evaluate our accumulated possessions from time to time
Give things a second life
Maybe someone else could make good use of these things. Why not pass them on, and make some cash into the bargain?

Do it successfully
The first two points are self-explanatory, the third is all about being safe [no trip hazards on the pavement, stay hydrated, wear sun-screen - and keep your money in a bumbag] advertising your sale effectively, and avoiding hassles at point-of-sale. Plus a reminder to think about the environment- do you really need balloons, plastic bags, disposables?
People can hold a sale for themselves, for a charity, or for a community project. 
Storage Kingthe multinational storage & removals company offer six prizes for the "King of the Sale", and people can vote for their top venue. Doesn't this all sound like a great idea, and really good fun? These 2018 sellers think so.


  1. I went in with a friend on a garage sale two summers ago. She asked a few of us to join in as she didn't think she'd have enough for a good display.
    I said Yes - thinking that I wouldn't have a lot to add as I'd de-cluttered so much already - hah! A friend came in his pickup truck to help me take things over and we not only filled the back of the truck but needed the space behind the cab seats as well! I couldn't believe it!
    It all sold and I made over $200 - but it was a lot of work!

  2. Well done on such a good return. But as you say, it was a lot of effort.


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