Sunday, 6 October 2019

Jesus Turns Our Sadness Into Dancing!

This morning is Re:vive at UCF - our 'breakfast church' - with coffee,croissants, singing, videos, discussion and more. I'm not sure how much energy I shall have this morning,  after last night's Barn Dance, for doing crafts with the children. I decided we would use the verse from Psalm 30:11 "You have turned my sadness into dancing" and make dancing people
I printed off some sticky labels, and everyone will get two 12" pipecleaners, a handful of 'beads' and a cardboard lid [these were from the Scrapstore, originally intended for ice cream tubs] Stick the label on the lid, thread the beads on the pipecleaners and twist together to make a bendy little dancer. 

Please don't tell me off about the 'beads'. Yes they are made from plastic straws. But they are ones I bought in bulk about 10 years ago in Leicester, when I was doing lots of alco-free mocktail bars - and before we knew what damage they can cause. Better to get some use from them, rather than just discard them, surely? 


  1. I quite agree. No need to be apologetic.

  2. I really like the dancer you made! Good of you to find a use for the straws. :)

  3. I like this craft showing what Jesus can do for us! My 5 and 6 year old Sunday school class would enjoy making something like this!

  4. These are brilliant! They look so, so effective!
    I'm not sure who you were thinking of when you mentioned not telling you off about the beads- not me I hope! I think that using straws in this way is brilliant because you're going to have to use SOMETHING for this craft so why not something that you have anyway, that would have ended up in the bin pretty soon after being used if it used for its original purpose. I remember making a necklace out of these straws in Fluorescent colours. It's great that they are so light and simple and they look jubilant which is the effect that you wanted! My IG friend Lorelai LQ is making jewellery, mainly earrings out of leftover plastics and she has used chopped straws melted in clever ways.

  5. I'm a little wary of melting plastic, in case I burn the house down - or burn myself


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