Thursday, 17 October 2019

Cosy Toes

Last year a friend gave me a bag of sheepskin offcuts [thank you!]. Random pieces, with large foot-shaped holes cut out. The remaining bits were rather small, but this week I found a great use for them.

I wanted to make a gift for my new Great-Nephew James, and decided to make some Scandinavian Baby Boots from this book

I cut out the soles from the sheepskin, and the uppers from some thick, but soft, green felt. I was giving someone a lift on Monday and had an hour to kill, so I went into a nearby Costa, got a coffee, and sat stitching away happily whilst I waited for my passenger.

 I did the back seam and the embroidery, I followed Clare Youngs' suggestion and added little ribbon tabs to the back seam. Two young mums at an adjacent table admired the boots, and commented on the cute tabs! 
In the evening I pinned and sewed the sole. I'd trimmed the thick fur so it made a soft lining for the boots. Then I got out the embroidery machine to make a bib.
These little gifts are on their way to Scotland now. I imagine that little toes get very cold up there!

Just to add - a huge thank you to everyone who posted such lovely comments on yesterday's post. Bob and I have been very touched by all your good wishes, kind thoughts, and faithful prayers. God bless you all for your friendship 


  1. Replies
    1. Craft books by Clare Youngs are always so easy to follow

  2. How marvellous! Truly a beautiful set of presents! The slippers are a triumph and are very regal! They will be thrilled!

  3. What cute baby gifts! I love the little boots!

  4. Thank you for the inspiration. I have this book and two new babies in my life so I have ordered a bag of sheepskin offcuts.

    1. Tip : trim the fleece close around the edge of the sole (about a 6mm border) It makes it much easier to sew the seam, and keeps things neat. I did consider shearing my piece with Bob's hair clippers but decided that was a bit extreme!

    2. Ps congratulations on the new babies!


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