Monday, 7 October 2019

What A Wonderful Weekend!

So much happened, and it was all such great fun - and for once I was just too busy enjoying things to take many pictures. Family members were all arriving at different times - Gary's parents, Andrea and Danny had come down to Dorset from Cheshire on Wednesday, to enjoy a few days by the sea, visiting other relations as well as coming to our Party. On Friday evening the four of us went to Bellagio's, a nearby Italian restaurant. 

When we got back to Ferndown at 10pm, Gary and Steph had arrived from Manchester, and we had a brief chat then all went to bed.
Up early Saturday to decorate the church and sort out the food.
I never got photos of Gary helping our friend David hang the bunting, or Bob making vast quantities of bolognese sauce.
After lunch Adrian and Marion arrived from Norfolk and we enjoyed a cuppa and a chat before getting ready for the dance.
We served jacket potatoes, with three fillings; bolognese, beans, and grated cheese - along with an assortment of salads. 
We decided against the usual desserts served at such events [apple pies, gateaux, trifles or cake]  Instead there were bowls of fresh fruit and small dishes of chocolates.
"NO cake!?" said our friends [we always serve cake at UCF suppers] but then agreed this was a good idea. The little Cadbury's 'Dark Milk' sample bars were particularly popular.
The trusty drinks dispensers were out, with three different chilled soft drinks on tap, and plenty of tea and coffee. At 8pm we all went into the church to dance [all except David and Will, who insisted on clearing up and sorting out the kitchen]
The brilliant Woodsiders Ceilidh Band were cheerful and charming, and we danced from 8 - 10.30 [with an interval halfway, and fresh tea and coffee]
I do hope somebody else's pictures have come out - by the time I remembered [at 10pm] to take a picture, some of the youngest [and oldest] guests had gone home to bed. And my pictures are distinctly out of focus. 
We danced and danced. There were around 70 people present - ages between 10 and 90.  Everybody said how much they enjoyed themselves.
At 10.30, after many thankyous and applause, and farewells, tyhe band packed up - and other people leapt into action re-arranging the tables and chairs for Sunday morning. We left the bunting - far too late for climbing ladders! My fitbit logged 20K+ steps [the most in one day since Liz and Steph gave it to me in April]
Sunday morning, rather bleary-eyed, I confess, I went off to church with Bob. lots of visitors, which was lovely, and a really good re:vive breakfast church.
The children loved making their dancing people.
We got home at lunchtime, to find Steph and Gary had done a marathon job of cleaning up the kitchen for us- saving me hours of work. Thank you- you two are absolute stars!
The four of us went to a carvery for lunch, then they returned to Manchester.
And then I went to sleep for 2 hours!
I cannot begin to thank all the people who made the weekend so special. Lots of lovely memories, and kind comments which Bob and I will remember for a long time.
Somebody asked me what was my secret to staying happily married for 40 years. My mind went bank, and then I said "Marrying the right person" 
I wondered if I should set up a savings account now, to pay for our Golden Wedding Party in 2029. Then I decided that when we get to our 50th, we can leave all the sauce cooking, salad making, bunting hanging and general preparations to our children and grandchildren. I shall just sit in the chair, and direct operations - rather like Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey. Or maybe just sit and enjoy things like my Centenarian friend Mary did last week.


  1. You really know how to party, Angela! Sounds like a great weekend and I'm so glad that you were able to celebrate with so many friends and family, too. I think, for the Golden Wedding Party, you should let the children do the preparations. :)

    1. Start saving up now, so you can come to the party in 2029

  2. Oh it sounds wonderful! And how kind of those who respectively cleaned up various places! I know the doom of clearing up after a celebration is super difficult so it it nice it was taken away from you! I adore a good barndance- so much fun!

    1. We have such thoughtful and helpful friends & family. I feel very blessed


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