Friday, 7 August 2020

Don't Get Into A Flap!

Why have I never known this trick before? So many cardboard boxes come with tuck in flaps which don't stay shut, or the slit tears or they generally fail on me. A clever daughter showed me this and it's so obvious that most of you are probably doing it already...
  1. Here are two packets with their flaps
  2. Now tuck in three sides and leave one long one up
  3. Fold in the sides firmly for the top inch or so
  4. Press the sides together, tuck in remaining flap to hold everything tidy.
[please do not judge me for buying the Nestle product - in 'normal times' I would usually avoid them...] Thank you Steph


  1. Thank you for showing this neat way to close a cardboard box! I am going to try this with one of the boxes of cereal that I have!

  2. Hi Angela First I enjoy your blog. Next Nestle does not own General Mills which is the maker of Cheerios. Nestle does not own companies. What they do is have agreements with companies to supply products or services. I know this as I work for a company that has the same agreement as GM does. I understand their is a huge number of people who believe that Nestle owns a lot of companies but it is not true. I do agree with you on one point and that is how Nestle is trying to buy most of the worlds water supplies. By the way almost 100% of the oats grown for Cheerios is grown in Canada. Their oat milling plant is just a couple of streets over from where I work. It is in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. So go enjoy those Cheerios and be guilt free.

    1. Thank Glorious N for that really comprehensive comment. It is really hard sometimes to distinguish "the wheat from the chaff" (and the oats!) in these matters. The multinationals seem to have so much control - the water supply issue is a real concern. I certainly didn't know Cheerios were made from Canadian wheat. But I DO remember one fact from geography at school - that Albert, Saskatchewan and Manitoba are the "Prairie Provinces". So I'm not surprised by your in depth knowledge. Glad that you're enjoying the blog. Watch out for another Canadian reference next week...


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