Tuesday, 18 August 2020

What A Scoop!

Since joining the Green Living Group, I've tried to avoid unnecessary single use plastic. So I've been buying washing powder instead of tablets. But the cardboard Sainsbury's box did not contain any sort of scoop. There was a phone number to ring. Years ago one of the girls misread a label and thought there was a lady called "Customer Caroline" - but it was Stephen who spoke to me, not Caroline! A few days later a stiff white envelope arrived. I was very impressed by the fully biodegradable, collapsible cardboard scoop. Well done Sainsbury's! I thought.

It's intelligently designed, and no plastic anywhere. There is only one strange detail... 

Look at the quantities the scoop can measure - 50, 70, 97, 120, 145 and 170 ml. 

But the recommended quantities for washing according to the packet are  45, 60, 65, 85, 105, 110, 125 and 150ml.

There is no correspondence whatsoever between scoop and packet! [unless you have hard water and heavy soil and you do three 50ml scoops] How bizarre is that? 


  1. Well, that's interesting! Maybe it's a marketing ploy and they want you to use more detergent (50 ml instead of 45, for example) so you use up the packet sooner and buy more! I'd say call back and see if they have a better scoop! :D

  2. That's good. My Ecover comes without a scoop but I just use an ancient one from some previous product. It may even be Vanish powder. I bought a bag of washing powder from Hexham's new Refill shop

  3. How odd! You'd think they'd coordinate the measurements, wouldn't you? But good on them for providing an eco friendly scoop.

  4. A bit of a scam to make you use more than the recommended amount!


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