Wednesday 26 August 2020

We're Going On A Berry Hunt...

... Going to find some big ones, juicy black big berries...Just round the corner and up the lane. Madam insisted on wearing her back pack ["It's an adventure, I'm Dora the Explorer"] The hedgerows weren't as laden with fruit as I'd hoped, but when we passed the entrance to the meadow, Rosie said "we can have our lunch here" She  sat down, took off her backpack and got out her packed lunch. And promptly devoured the lot! My lunch was still in the fridge at home so I just picked what few berries I could whilst she ate.

Then we walked a bit further up the lane and watched over the farm gate as a man sheared a sheep. There were geese and cockerels in the yard watching him too. Rosie loved it. We strolled home and picked a few apples from the "Free Windfalls" bucket (too many wasps to linger longer) I had enough fruit for a small crumble to go in the freezer - and Rosie had lots of fun; a picnic in a field, a sheep shearer to watch and lots of conversation about what we could see in the countryside. We were only out for an hour or so, but it was lovely, making precious memories together. I felt truly blessed.


  1. Ah, that's a lovely day for you and Rosie. We forget sometimes that all these little encounters make up for an exciting adventure for our children, esp Urban ones. I had a lovely chat to a Cattle farmer when I was in Norfolk that one day recently.x

  2. What a lovely day!
    I remember years ago helping a teacher friend supervise her class while on a visit to The Royal Winter Fair (annual Fall Fair held in the middle of the city each year) - one of the exhibits was the sheep shearing. My little group of city kids were horrified! "Miss - that sheep is NAKED" !!

  3. What a fun adventure! Rosie goes fully prepared, doesn't she? :)

  4. I cant think of anything nicer than a picnic and picking berries!


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