Saturday, 8 August 2020

We Are Sale-ing

Today is Village Yard Sale Day. I hope it's not as hot as yesterday as we stroll round looking at the stalls. Last night Bob cooked a delicious Candlelit dinner. I felt really spoilt. What a lovely holiday treat


  1. My sister had a 'yard sale' from her front garden last Saturday. It was quite successful, especially when she charged mea fiver for the two things I bought from her (which I think she might have got from me in the first place!)!At the end of the day, we ended up putting all the books which were left over on her garden wall with a 'FREE' sign attached. Amazing how quickly they disappeared. Have fun at yours. (ps, I think Bob's a 'keeper'!).x

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  2. I think it's rude to turn up early when people are setting up. The sale-map lady is selling them at 9.30 and the event is scheduled to start at 10. The village is very spread out, so a map is important!


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