Monday, 31 August 2020

For Ever, For Everyone

I'm not getting into a debate about current National Trust news items-  the decision to consider the way in which many of their properties have historic links to the slave trade, or the recent 'discussion document' about a vision for the way forward, which includes "restructuring the curatorial workforce" and "dialling down the Trust's position as a cultural institution, and making it rather a gateways to the outdoors". Nor will I bore you with hassle Bob had over the fact we have been members for the last 5 years, and now qualify for Seniors Discount. I am just going to say we had good fun at Blickling Hall on Friday. It was sunny when we started- but we did eat our picnic in the car, in  in the rain!

The NT only reopened Blickling a fortnight ago, and have put lots of safety measures in place - you enter via the walled garden, and wear masks inside [the gryphons outside setting a good example]  There's lots of outdoor space for having fun, quiet corners for exploring and having important discussion about interesting sticks. [Liz and I both wore our yellow jackets, which is sometimes confusing] But there's Rosie and her parents in the walled garden [Top collage] Me in the walled garden [bottom collage]   And some quirky little NT notices - why personalize it ? Surely "This is an exit" is more sensible than "I am an exit"?? Thanks NT staff & volunteers


  1. Sounds like a fun day out with the family. :)

  2. I'm concerned about the changes too. The NT has always stood for historical renovation and care of buildings.It really doesnt need to leap into the forefront of being 'with it'.
    I am an exit??? Oh please.

  3. I've not heard about what the NT are changing???? Haha, I have that Seasalt raincoat too! I love it!x

  4. Suggested changes include cutting the number of expert curators, and raising revenue by hiring out properties as "event venues" (eg weddings, business conferences etc). The latter plan would limit public accessibility to the houses & gardens. The former seems a very shortsighted approach to longterm conservation.


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