Monday, 3 August 2020

Pyjama Party

Turning my long pink pj bottoms into shorts has worked well. But I felt I needed a second pair of pjs here. Whilst I was in Dorset at the weekend, I grabbed my pyjama pattern, and picked up one metre of teeshirt fabric from Fabricland. It was the end of a bolt, and only cost me £2.50. Being short, I know I can make a pair of pj bottoms from a metre. Bob was enjoying a sci-fi film, so I took myself off to the dining table, put on a radio play and produced these lockdown pjs. I tapered the leg slightly as the last pair I made were a little too wide.
I'm very pleased with them. The pattern is rather bold - but the red matches my Ethics Girl Teeshirt perfectly, and that's got a few snags and tiny holes now, so it makes a great set. With a scrap that was left I made a "Handyband".It looks dreadful on me as a headband, but makes a good neck-scarf, and can be an instant facemask if needed.
I think I paid around £9 for the pattern, and this is at least the sixth time I've used it [used the children's pattern for play costume trousers] I had spare elastic in my stash
So this set has cost me under £4. Bargain!


  1. I love the fabric , and I love a fabric bargain lol

  2. It's great when you get lots of use from a pattern. I've been discovering some free patterns lately, hopefully I'll have something to show soon.

  3. That's great! Very glad you managed to get some reasonably-priced material. I really like the print. The handyband is a super idea.

  4. Love the fabric pattern! What a great price - the cost of pyjamas and nightgowns here is shocking! I bought a new pair online during lockdown and even at half price paid about 15 pounds - and I thought that was an excellent deal!

  5. Those pyjamas look great! Glad you were able to get a good deal on the fabric, too.

  6. The fabric is lovely and it made a great handyband too. I just paid £10 for one on-line. I think they will come in very handy as a neck warmer in winter and also an emergency face covering if I forget my mask at any point. I wish I had sewing skills like yours :)


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