Tuesday, 27 October 2020

Bags One For Me!

Do you have an accumulation of bags? Years ago, I read that the average family has 17 plastic carrier bags [this was in the days before bags-for-life, and biodegradable ones, when the shops gave them away free] Most of my bags now are thin cotton tote bags. "I've collected up all the bags," Bob said "and put them in one 
bag, on a hanger in the Futility Room" I thanked him, admitting that did look a lot tidier. Then when he was busy watching The Mandalorian, I sneaked in and tipped them out - that one bag had ten more inside it. I daren't tell him I've already found five more in other places...
Liz lent me her book of Brian Bilston poems -this one seems to have been written especially for me
you have bags of bags

in your bags 
you keep more bags all bagged up 
in bags for life.

if there was a competition for number of bags
you would have it
in the bag

i dont know why you need so many bags
its not as if you have anything to put in them

except other bags.


  1. Oh, I know for a fact that I have way more than 17 bags, just from my last two grocery shopping pick ups! We switched to having reusable bags and paying 10 cents per plastic bag, some time ago, but, when Covid arrived, we've gone back to using plastic bags, at least when ordering groceries to be picked up. I reuse them to use as trash can liners, so I have some of them in a bag holder I sewed from a kitchen towel and the rest are stored in other bags until needed!

  2. So very true. When we moved last year I finally unearthed the many bags of bags in a deep cupboard and found I had well over a hundred. Luckily our local village hall could use them for rummage sales and lining litter bins so off they went. But a quick look under the stairs here in our new home suggests they're breeding again...

  3. I can soon relate - although I did go through and thin them out a bit about 6 weeks ago.
    Love the poem.

  4. I know the feeling, I recently counted 50 Morrison bags, thankfully Morrison are now taking them back so £2.40 off my bill.


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