Thursday, 29 October 2020

Boots, Books, Light, And Love...

Our binmen have changed their timings - they used to collect around 11am, but now its 6.45am.  I know the council say 'bins out by 6am' - but I'd got into the habit of pulling them out at 7 when I made the first cuppa of the day. So I missed the collection the other week. I am now putting them out Tuesday night before bed. 

I was glad I'd done that, it was raining heavily when I woke up. I had a morning of errands to run too. First stop the cobblers, to get my winter boots heeled. I should have done that in the Spring when I put them away 
for the summer, but forgot. This local business is 30% cheaper than the national chain I have used in the past. Then to return my library books. Sorry Sue, I just couldn't get on with the Elly Griffiths books - even though they were set in Norfolk! 
I took 5 on holiday, and gave up halfway through the 3rd.Then round the corner to LoveAllFood. I blogged about them last month. These lovely people are concerned for the children in Ferndown who will miss their free school meals over halfterm, so they are offering free lunches
Like many other of their customers, I wanted to make a small contribution to their costs. Then on to McColls, to drop off another Ziffit parcel. This culling of the books is painful, but must be done! Another £6 sale.
Just up from McColls is the
Waggy Tails Charity Shop, and I saw exactly what I needed in the window - we're relocating our chandelier to Norfolk - so we needed a new lampshade over the dining table. I paid £3.50 - for a shade still in its plastic wrap. When I got home, I discovered they are currently £20 in Dunelm! A damp but satisfactory outing around the town. 


  1. You had a busy morning! In the rain, too!

  2. Very satisfactory all round, and the lampshade is super. Well done!

  3. In the summer our bin men usually came at 5.45. I really did not appreciate a wake up call that early in the morning! Thankfully they are now coming about an hour later.

    1. I can never remember WHICH bin to put out, I rely on my neighbours to put theirs out first.

    2. Oh me too!!! If they ever looked our, my neighbours would see me furtively creep right up to their bins every week!


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