Friday, 23 October 2020

Mairzy Doats And Dozy Doats...

 ...And Liddle Lamzy Divey

I always thought that was a daft song, but like mares and does, I enjoy eating oats - on cold winter mornings I eat porridge, and usually throw a handful of oats into my toppings for fruit crumbles, and I love sweet oaty biscuits, and savoury oatcakes. Currently avoiding granola, not wishing to damage my temporary filling - but fond of the softer, fruity muesli. 

A recent pantry audit revealed quite a few containers with small amounts of nuts and dried fruits. I decided to use them up by making a batch of muesli. 

I picked up a huge bag of five flake muesli base for £5 on Salisbury Market. Oats, plus wheat, barley, rye and toasted malted barley flakes. I spent my loyalty points on a bag of dried apple flakes in Grape Tree. Then I added my leftovers - fruit raisins, cranberries, dates [chopped] sultanas, nuts almond, walnuts, hazel nuts and a few pistachios seeds I had a jar of mixed seeds. By weight, I used 80% flakes, 15% fruit, 5% nuts and seeds. I mixed up 500g at a time in a big bowl. Some commercial muesli has added sugar and/or milk powder. Mine doesn't. To keep it fresh, I packed it in lock'n'lock boxes. 
And here it is. I think this has worked out about 50% of the cost of "luxury muesli" from the supermarket, and tastes lovely and fruity. Being away for so long over the summer meant my baking supplies didn't get used up as fast they might have done. This has cleared the shelves and I can get fresh stocks for my Christmas baking. 
This little stack will provide plenty of breakfasts, with cold or hot milk - and I can make some flapjacks or streusel type toppings too. 

Another opportunity to avoid food waste, in a creative way


  1. This is great! I made the mistake of using very old Hazelnuts in my carrot-top pesto to use them up and they tasted old. Toasting them or putting them in something mixed is a great idea. CBC BOUGHT ingredients to make his own granola but only did one batch which meant he didn't make it again. He should have done what you did and make a big batch.

    1. Nuts especially go off quite fast, I tend to buy smallish quantities for specific recipes and so end up with part packs to use up. This muesli will be eaten promptly so they ought to be OK.

  2. There was a really good biscuit recipe on last night's 'Eat Well for Less' programme using oats and I think Nadiya on her baking programme the night before made her version of Florentines dipped in an interesting chocolate combination, again using oats. Well done on your massive muesli make!Have a good weekend.x

  3. We were travelling last night so I missed EW4L. I must watch it on catch-up, thanks for the reminder.


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