Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Good Housekeeping

The other day I went for a walk with a friend, and when we got back to her house [where I'd parked my car] I needed to use the loo. She had a very neat arrangement of two baskets either side of the handbasin - one with tidily folded fresh little towels- the other to receive them after use. So her visitors could feel 'covid safe' - how very thoughtful.

We had to have our downstairs loo fixed last week. So I copied her idea, and left a stack of paper towels on the little shelf over the handbasin [the duck is acting as a weight to stop them blowing away] When it came to it, Dave had brought his own towel anyway. But my paper towels remain, just in case. Not as eco friendly as 'proper' towels, but better than nothing.

I've just done the feedback for my Green Living Project Course. It was - like everything else- disrupted by the pandemic, but we have continued to 'get together' via Zoom, and a lively WhatsApp group. I think that the GLP has made me more mindful about little things, and 'every little helps' in our efforts to save the planet.

Like salt - almost all the supermarkets sell their basic salt in a polybag, or a cardboard drum with a rigid plastic lid. Full marks to Lidl for their salt which comes in a totally recyclable cardboard box. And it's as cheap as the chips I sprinkle it on too. 
I am saving energy by doing less ironing these days. Teeshirts just get pulled into shape when I hang them on the washing line, then neatly put away in the drawer. I'm mostly at home, if I go out, the top is unseen, under my coat...why waste time and energy removing a few creases? 
I am struggling to convince myself this is green living, and not just laziness though...


  1. I bought a stack of cheap facecloths to use as guest towels years ago.

  2. Ok, so perhaps it might be a bit of laziness (my main reason for not ironing) but the fact is, it DOES save power and gives you time to do something else instead. The towel idea is good. I remember to change our towel so there is one for guests each time. I've always tried to leave our downstairs loo for guests anyway but BBC insists on using it all the time. I tried to explain that it saves on cleaning but since he virtually never cleans the bathroom, of course he doesn't care.

  3. I use the same system for our Carers, lots of little facecloths acting as their towels, and washed every day.
    Did you know that salt is a very good weedkiller?

    1. I know that some gardeners use it to kill slugs!

    2. That's interesting about the salt, I'll try that.
      We also have a little pile of cheap face cloths for visitors to use as towels, just like you get in posh restaurants! Paper towels sound like a better idea - not having to wash them - but I wonder which is the most eco friendly, the disposal of paper or the use of hot water and chemicals in the washing machine?

  4. I like your energy saving ways. :) I usually set out some hand towels when I have visitors, but, right now, no one is coming to my house, so, no hand towels are set out.

  5. The only things I iron are DB's formal shirts and bed linen. Everything else gets folded as it comes off the line or out of the dryer and put away. Believe it or not when my children were small I ironed towels, but not nappies and even polished the toilet seat!!


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