Friday, 2 October 2020

Bear Facts

It's been a bear themed week round here. On Wednesday I deconstructed 4 shirts and started cutting out another batch of Memory Bears. It took all day to sort out the pattern pieces and allocate the different fabrics to the body parts. I reckon I have at least two more full days of work to complete this latest batch of bears. 

Thursday was spent assembling and stitching, in the company of the radio. Listening to "You and Yours" on Radio 4, Winifred Robinson asked what people had done to lift spirits during Lockdown. I emailed and said I'd made pyjamas for the teddy bears and dolls belonging to the children in my road [the majority of them have parents who are Key Workers]  So it was very exciting when WR read out my message [even if she did put Ferndown in Devon, not Dorset!] At least two people heard it who know me. Fame at last. 


  1. How lovely!!! Fame at last! You also gave great joy by making a wonderful eye shirt Also!

  2. Thank you Kezzie - I've greatly enjoyed being part of your cosplay costume department (the shirt with the question mark collar was fun to do)

  3. How lovely to have your comments read out on the radio! Enjoy the fame! You deserve it!


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