Saturday, 24 October 2020

Nuns With Guns?

There we were, driving up the A11 towards Cornerstones and I saw a van. "Whatever are actuators and dash pots?" I asked Bob. I knew that actuaries deal with risk and insurance. But who are these guys? To call somebody a dashpot sounds a bit insulting. It seems they are mechanical terms, actuators are involved with valves, dashpots with shock absorbers. 

We continued on our way and then Bob said "What's that?! - Catholic Protection?" a van shot past us   He had misread the wording [this picture is from their website, I never managed to get a picture] ACAPS is Anglia Cathodic Protection Services [electrical stuff]  I was quite disappointed - I did so want there to be Nuns-With-Guns, or at the very least, Father Dylan with a taser hidden under his surplice
Now we're at Cornerstones for a few days. With some odd jobs to do. These are listed on the blackboard in the Futility Room. 
In case you are wondering, we took a poster out of a clip frame and put it in a better frame, and it's slipped! 
Looking forward to some Serious Relaxing, and not too many chores over the weekend. Grateful to the team back to UCF for organising the Sunday service. 


  1. Hooray for your few days in restful Norfolk! Enjoy

  2. There seems to be plenty of people walking around with guns these days, especially on this side of the pond; I'm not sure if I want to see any nuns with guns!

    Hope you enjoy your weekend and relax.

  3. Oh I do hope you get a serious amount of serious relaxing!

    1. Thank you Mags. I hope to get some more rows done on the weather scarf. Avoiding Heavy Literature though (not sure I have your mental capacity for Kierkegaard)


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