Friday, 16 October 2020

Bosom Friends

Yes I know, we are already halfway through Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Lots of my blogging friends have posted about it. I wasn't going to bother...then last week, I noticed something. Let's just say Pinky and Perky weren't as pinky and perky as normal. 

With Bob's encouragement, I decided to ring the GP. I phoned the appointments desk first thing Monday morning. The GP rang later in the day [covid19 means they do as many phone consults as possible], and she then asked if I could call into surgery at 4.30pm.

She was fairly certain it was not serious, but referred me to the Hospital. On Tuesday I was offered an appointment for 9.45 Wednesday morning, someone else had just cancelled. My friend Jenny dropped me off outside Poole Hospital - then went off to the Park to read her book. I was shown into the Ladybird Unit [the specialist breast care dept]. By 11am, I was outside again, having been fully checked, including mammogram and ultrasound -and given the All Clear. [they concluded it was a problem which 'occasionally occurs with advancing years', and not something to be worried about]

All the staff were so efficient, so professional - and so patient and considerate. They were working under covid19 restrictions, but with good grace and cheerful disposition. "Don't feel that you have wasted our time- this was important to get checked out. It could have indicated a real problem" said one nurse as I left the Unit. I was so grateful for the reassurance. 

Jenny and I sat in the Park,  drinking coffee and looking at the birds on the lake. "That was so fast, and I was treated so kindly. Although the mammogram was a little bit painful" I said "Like being put in a sandwich toaster" replied my bosom friend!

Be sensible - remember the TLC advice above. They would rather see you straightaway and start treatment promptly if needed than wait until things are more serious - and if all tests are clear, then they are pleased to send you home rejoicing. 

Thank the Lord for our NHS - may it forever be free and accessible at the point of need.


  1. I found a lump a few weeks ago. I had a clinical exam, ultrasound, mammogram and biopsies. It turned out to be a cyst. The relief was enormous. I tried to apologise for causing bother but, like you, was told I was absolutely right to get it checked. Yes, thank the Lord for the NHS.

  2. Ah, I'm glad to hear this. This is the way I was treated and dealt with too at New Year. They were kind and considerate and reassured me too.

  3. I am glad you had that checked and it was done so quickly! And for the good news that there was nothing to worry about. I had to wait for months for referrals, authorizations, appointments, and results.

    1. Bless, I am genuinely sad that the USA does not have an NHS like ours, always free at the point of need

  4. Such a relief for you. So glad all is well.The NHS is amazing.

  5. So glad the NHS was there for you and what a prompt response. It's really good to hear a positive story amongst the doom and gloom.

  6. Our Health Service sends me a note every year reminding me that it's time for my mammogram - never fun but so thankful that it's available - and free.
    Which reminds me - I just got an envelope with my yearly "poop" test - must do that one this weekend!

  7. As you know, I've been through breast cancer, and would always encourage women to take up the mammogram offer, and to check anything abnormal with their doctor. So many younger women I know think "Oh, it's nothing"...but it mightn't be. I neither felt nor saw my lump, so I'm thankful that my bi-annual mammogram picked it up! VERY thankful!!


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