Tuesday, 9 February 2021

Eating Mindfully

In his latest book, "Eat Better Forever" Hugh F-W cites "Eating mindfully" as one of the seven key principles. There has to be a healthy balance between obsessing over every mouthful, chewing forty seven times, and eating every meal or snacking in front of the TV or tablet, with all one's attention on the screen and not the enjoyment of the food. 

Watching a recent recording I made with Bob for church, I am aware the Lockdown has affected my waistline and it shows. There has been a downside to improved breadmaking skills over the last year. The Scandi tradition of Fika - a mid afternoon tea-and-cake-break hasn't helped either. Bob alerted me to a Japanese word -kuchisabishii

M&S are responding to the low mood of many people at the moment [gloomy February, no chances for Pancake Parties, or Valentine's Discos] by bringing back one of their most popular food items of last year, the Christmas Sandwich

I kid you not! Some people have already complained "but it's not Christmas!!!" [when did that ever worry Percy Pig - they are currently selling Easter Eggs and we haven't even got into Lent]

And if you're wondering what is inside the magical sandwich I can reveal the ingredients are the following:

Turkey breast; Pork; Sage and onion stuffing; Onion mayonnaise; Cranberry chutney; Bacon; Malted brown bread

I hope that with all these problems about imported foodstuffs, my friends over on the Emerald Isle are able to enjoy these. The Irish certainly understand eating mindfully. I am told that the Gaelic word for think is ceap [pronounced key-app] and the word for sandwich is ceapaire [pronounced key-app-erie]


  1. Yes, eating mindfully. Something we should all do! I am afraid I am guilty of eating because my mouth is lonely! A sandwich with turkey and bacon actually sounds pretty good to me! But, without the stuffing and other items, please!

  2. I have to disagree there, I really like the stuffing and cranberry sauce!

  3. I've been mindfully eating cookies, breads and all kinds of things that are bad for me! lol I do need to work on my waistline. The winters are long here and it's always a struggle.

  4. YUM! That sandwich sounds delicious! I too have gained weight during this past year but I am now back on track and doing much better. One thing I have noticed is that two meals or 1 meal plus a snack is actually all I need most days and that I was eating 3 meals out of habit more than anything else. It pays to take some time to actually listen to your body.

  5. kuchisabishii...says it all, really.

  6. That sandwich looks great to me. I had a similar one when we took our day trip to Point Roberts. It's in our county ( Whatcom WA) but surrounded on one side by the ocean and three sides by Canada. Do look it up. There was only one place open for lunch and I fancied that sandwich. Have been meaning to recreate it here for lunch but not got around to it yet!

  7. With all that's going on I think we can afford to forgive ourselves for a bit of extra padding. It would be nice to lose some but that requires a level of concentration and self discipline that's hard to muster atm.

  8. Reading all your comments just makes me want to make myself a sandwich!

  9. I don't really like buying prepacked sandwiches anymore, esp with malted bread- they just taste artificial to me. I much prefer a local bakery bap or a sausage roll or something if I can't make it myself!
    I think we are allowed an extra bit of padding!
    I had to be weighed at the Dr's on Wedneday and I was 65kg with my jumpers and heavy boots and things on which dismayed me a bit! I hope I'm not really that much otherwise something has happened in the last few weeks!


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