Thursday, 11 February 2021

No Worries!

I'm trying not to get stressed by this whole downsizing process. There is still too much stuff here in Dorset to fit into an already furnished property in Norfolk. I continue with the sorting and re-homing of possessions, and the emptying of the loft. An unending task - it seems to fill up again overnight like the widow's cruse in 1 Kings 17. Bob just found four more photo albums...But the little things brighten my day. Like finding a box of random teaching resources which was carefully labelled

"warning, clucking chicken in here" It was a battery operated puppet, but if agitated, it would start to quiver and cluck loudly. I have no idea where it came from, 

it starred in a couple of school plays, and caused great amusement among younger children. If I was rooting around alone in the loft, it scared me stupid, Hence the warning label. I have no idea where it has gone- it isn't in the box now

I walked to the pharmacy. There was a big yellow road sign warning of diversions on the A31- and on the back it said "Send to Bray". Why? we are nowhere near the Berkshire town where the crazy vicar came from. The sign was outsiude St Mary's Parish Church - maybe it originally said Send to Pray and someone amended it...

Liz sent me this useful phrase "det er dødens pølse". Personally I think pairing up the socks when sorting clean laundry is the sausage of death.

This also from Liz - a witty response by a neighbour to the person in the community who is repeatedly irresponsible about cleaning up after their pet.

Finally, from Waitrose,  the name of Tuesday's recipe sounded remarkably like the Swahili phrase for "No Worries!"


  1. Well, I'm glad you don't have a real live clucking chicken living in your attic! :D

    1. Or any other livestock! As a child we had mice in the attic and they terrified me

  2. It sounds as if you are doing an amazing job and so many people are benefiting from your downsize. I am always pleased if someone wants the things I don't need or use anymore, so much better than using the bin all the time.

    1. Almost any action is better than landfill

  3. Well done to you for taking the time to do this slowly! So important. I keep worrying about what happened to Norma's house because her cousins stopped contacting us and suddenly the house was sold- she lived in Cornwall so I know she couldn't have done much sorting and in Norma's house were SO many useful things- the loft was full of costumes, material galore, sewing machines, overlockers, art materials, plants, music and the BOOKS- she had a whole library room and I know for a fact, she had a first edition of a book which she told me one day, she had seen a 2nd edition in bad condition of this book for sale for £7000 and she had a mint edition 1st edition copy of it! I do worry that all these amazing books were just chucked out. I would have gladly taken her Terry Pratchett collection of their hands (I used to borrow them from her)
    We would have been very happy to help them sort it all (I'm good at sorting other people's houses!) but they never asked.


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