Friday, 26 February 2021

The Cat, The Bag And The Biscuits

I knew that the 'cat' ie the catalytic converter on my Toyota needed replacing. And I knew it would not be cheap. "After Christmas..." I said. I'm hardly using my car at the the minute. Then the Ferndown Post Office closed because the staff tested positive for covid19, as did the replacement team due to come and stand in for them. 

I had to drive to another PO- and on the way back, my airbag warning light came on. And went off. And came on again -  all the way home. Help! is it going to inflate halfway down Church Road? I thought.
So the car went into the garage to have the new cat fixed, and then once the part had arrived, they fitted a new 'air-bag squib' [this is all to do with the wiring to the Gas Generator and it sets the bag off if there is a collision]
David Smith Motors, on the Ferndown Industrial Estate, have looked after my car beautifully for 6 years- and I guess this is the last time I will take it there. [Thank you DSM]
But these jobs are not cheap - cats require lots of rare metals [palladium etc] so what with the garage bill, and the cost of booking a van for The Move, the last couple of weeks have proved Very Expensive.
We needed cheering up.
And I needed a break from packing and stuff. So I made some biscuits,
I made some of Anna Olsen's ORCs [Oatmeal Raisin Cookies] which I discovered years ago.[Recipe here]
I'm using up the stuff in the cupboards - and had no dark soft brown sugar, so substituted molasses, and also substituted the end of a jar of muesli for some of the oats -they came out fine. I ended up with 50 biscuits [I use my 1" ice cream scoop which spreas out on baking to make 2½" cookies] I've sandwiched just 10 pairs together, and divided the remaining 30 cookies into 3 boxes in the freezer. 
Today we are having our first vaccinations. I shall need a biscuity treat when I get home!
People have warned me to expect an aching arm, and generally feeling lousy the day after. "Do not plan anything strenuous for Saturday" They've said.
If that's what it takes,. them I shall put up with the brief discomfort.


  1. I had no problems whatsoever after my jab and I hope you are lucky too. The thing that everyone seems to have commented on is the joyful atmosphere at the vaccination hub. Whoever would have thought that driving thirty miles for an injection could make us all so happy!

  2. I was shocked that the cost of removals has nearly doubled since we moved here. They can charge what the like at the moment with everyone rushing to beat the end of Stamp duty holiday date.

    Re the vaccination...I didn't even get an aching arm!

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the cost of the car and move- this is is not what you need right now but glad you are having your jab no.1's (what if you move before jab no.2???). The cookies sound like a good idea. I made Chocolate Cornflake cakes last Thursday and they really cheered me up, knowing I had them ready to eat!

    1. We booked on the NHS website and you can choose your locations - so jab #2 booked for May - IN NORFOLK!

  4. Everyone has different reactions. A friend had none. We had high temperatures and flu like symptons. The good thing is that it doesnt last more than a couple of days.

  5. Oh I love Anna Olsen - have a few of her books. I think I will make up a batch of these cookies this weekend. I've been making up cookie dough and then freezing logs so that when I need a few I just let one log defrost and bake.

    Good luck with your Covid shot.

    1. It is embarrassing to admit - but I think she is the only Canadian TV cook I have heard of - I am sure there are others. I like the format of her programmes- showing one technique, and three different ways to use it. And she seems so pleasant.

  6. Sorry to hear that this is turning out to be a very expensive month! But, glad to see that you are getting your 1st vaccine (or might have already had it by now!) I hope any side effects will be minimum. The biscuits sound like a perfect antidote for any side effects, any way! :) Enjoy!

    1. We'll survive! as long as I can get the car to Norfolk in April, full of boxes, I shall be happy. Once Bob retires, we wont need a 2nd car


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