Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Just Her Cup Of Tea

I am so impressed by the ingenuity displayed by so many people during lockdown. Unable to pursue their activities as they did before, they come up with creative ways to continue with their hobbies - ukulele orchestras practising together on zoom, cooks tweaking their recipes because the usual ingredients are unavailable, businesses completely changing their manner of working to accommodate the fact that things are all online, or their usual outlets have closed [eg food retailers formerly supplying the hospitality industry now selling to the public] 

I loved this story about Jan Heath, a retired schoolteacher and self taught artist who lives in Norfolk. She ran out of canvas for paintings, so decided that 'small is beautiful' - and worked out a technique for painting on used tea-bags instead. Great recycling! She began simply, with a mixed box of Pukka Herbal Teas - and just painted the ingredients...

She was running out of space to store large canvas works - this is much more compact - and they are selling like hotcakes

I love the Retro girls - and the "View from the Tate" [happy memories of sitting there with Liz for a coffee, years ago]

The three ginger cats were on bags for ginger tea - and Jan printed Wordsworth's poem "To a butterfly" on one bag before adding the red admiral. I think the washing day one is cute.

She says that friends have kindly supplied her with interesting tagged bags. I'm not sure my simple fairtrade red label are quite 'pukka' enough!

Do check out Jan's Facebook page, she adds new pieces regularly. What a great talent on a tiny workspace!


  1. How intriguing! I did think you meant that she was using used teabags in various flavours to paint with at first and I was intrigued to see what shades she might achieve from such a palette...then I realised! It's a clever idea!

  2. How clever,what a talented lady, thank you for sharing


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