Thursday, 4 February 2021

I'm A Grateful Grandma

In Manchester, George continues to enjoy meal times. [Please note the unicorn bib which I stitched for him]

He's pulling himself up to a standing position by the sofa. He will soon be up and over that Triangle

And he's modelling his new Porridge Jumper with great aplomb

Rosie's technology lesson - designing a house

And an online lesson - 'find & show' Scavenger Hunt. She concentrates so hard [mostly] 

I'm grateful for these lovely children, and their caring parents - and increasingly concerned for all those families who continue to struggle with all the problems caused by this pandemic.

Seeing their smiles, hearing their laughter, and interacting with them - even if it is only on WhatsApp, really makes my day.

Best image of the week - screen shot of Steph's phone- showing George listening intently as Rosie reads him a bedtime story [That's not my Unicorn,

 I think] 


  1. That is so wonderful that you are able to interact with, even if it is remotely! What a blessing that we have the technology to do so at this particular time of being socially apart.

  2. That's so sweet about her reading him a story!!!

  3. They are beautiful! I'm thankful for technology during this time because it is keeping families connected.

  4. Ang, I think you'll like this:

    1. Kezzie Thank You! What an inspirational child, and a lovely story! I have really enjoyed watching the clip

  5. Love that porridge jumper!


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