Saturday 24 April 2021

Alternating Currants

For the last half century, a Norfolk guy named Charles [Chas] Welch has been cross pollinating plants in his garden. He's a true amateur, doing it for the love of it - but with spectacular results. He has produced new apple varieties and award winning sweet peas. 

But in 2012 he did an amazing three-way cross - a redcurrant with a red gooseberry and a jostaberry [pronounced yoosta-berry - that's a green gooseberry/blackcurrant cross] This produced a thornless blackcurrant type bush, and Chas named it the chuckleberry.

This hybrid is now on sale and lots of people are enjoying its sweet flavour. And I will be able to speak more about this very soon because Liz gave me a jar of Chuckleberry Jam for my birthday! In fact she gave me three jars of jam..

From LBJ the London Borough of Jam [website HERE

Rhubarb and Cardamom, Apricot and Muscovado - and the Chuckleberry. 

With suggestions for serving... Stir into yogurt or porridge, Spoon over granola or ice cream, spread on toast, brioche, sourdough, sandwich cakes together... etc

Thank you Liz, just the name Chuckleberry makes me smile, and I love the fact that it was developed in Norfolk. 


  1. That's a very original present! I don't really eat jam very often but I'd be intrigued to try Chuckleberry!I

  2. Gifts which are edible are always welcome. These tick all the boxes - recyclable packaging, glass jars can repurposed or recycled, and the contents are delicious, made with good ingredients.

    1. I agree. My mum mainly buys me edible or consumable presents now. I like imagination in presents too and I think Liz did really well to find you something so original!

  3. May I wish you a belated Happy Birthday Angela 🎂 The jam gift looks delicious.
    I've just caught up reading all your moving stories and they are wonderful! I'm so happy for you too that you have now moved safely into your new home. I hope you be very happy there 😊

    1. Thank you PP. I hope your hip is less painful than it was. A smart haircut and some sunshine will help!

  4. All those jams sound delicious! :)


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